Asian Americans

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READ: Racist Fox News Segment Echoes Historic Anti-Asian Bullying

“To legitimize myself as a proper citizen of this country, there are times when I have wondered, despite myself, how much distance I must place between myself and those whom Watters and Trump feel free to mock,” wrote Jiayang Fan in a sobering essay for The New Yorker.

'Fresh Off the Boat' Star: We Weren't Going For 'The Easy Jokes, The Racist Jokes'

“Fresh Off The Boat” star Randall Park talks about the show avoiding cheap racist jokes, his controversial portrayal of Kim Jong-Un and an early acting role that illuminates how few opportunities Asian Americans have in showbusiness. 

Unemployment Rate Ticks Up for Blacks, Drops Overall

There are more than 1.8 million black people looking for work.

Jeremy Lin on the Loneliness of Asian-American NBA Trailblazing

J.Lin talks race, turnovers, and the Bible verse that’s getting him through.

'Fresh Off the Boat' Won't Make You Cringe!

No chopsticks jokes here.

How to Tell If Your Memoir's Being Whitewashed for Network TV

“If you’re high enough, orange chicken ain’t so bad.”

'The Search for General Tso' and the Chinese-American Immigrant Experience

Who invented America’s favorite Chinese food dish, and why?

UNC, Harvard Sued for Discriminating Against Asians in Admissions

Asians are putting themselves at the frontlines of the fight to end affirmative action in college admissions.

Randall Park Knows You're Nervous About 'Fresh Off the Boat'

TV’s newest Asian-American dad talks about race and the pressure that comes with being on the first Asian-American family sitcom in 20 years.

The Problem With Time Magazine's New Take on Asian-Americans in Tech

How Time acknowledged but ended up succumbing to the pitfalls of writing about Asian-Americans in the U.S.

It's Now Easier to Find Government Data on Asian-Americans

The new website features roughly 2,000 data sets and reports from nearly 50 federal, state, city, and county sources.

Poll: Californians' Support for Affirmative Action on the Rise

Affirmative action may not be political anathema after all.

John Cho Talks About Barriers Facing Asian-American Actors

His new show, “Selfie,” premieres on September 30.

Following Ferguson: Asian Americans Can Choose 'Invisibility, Complicity, or Resistance'

What responsibility do non-black people of color have to speak up for justice?

Arthur Chu: Faking a Chinese Accent Is a Fraught Task

What’s it like to be an actor and second-generation Chinese-American–and put on an accent for work?

Meet the Artist Behind the Lowrider Rickshaw

He’s part of a new generation of California artist who are exploring Asian-American and Chicano cultural identities.

Video: If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say

Because sometimes white privilege is just so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh.

Comedian Kristina Wong Opens Up About Mental Illness and Chinese-Americans

She toured with her show about Asian-American women and depression for seven years.

The Economic Truth About the 'Model Minority'

Recent history underscores the fact that we can’t make smart economic decisions based on wrongheaded stereotypes.

The Chinese-American Community Grapples With Affirmative Action, and Itself

A proposal to repeal part of California’s affirmative action ban has some in the state’s Asian-American community up in arms.