Applied Research Center

The Case for Putting Race Forward

We can’t solve a problem no one’s willing to name.

Help Us Celebrate as the Applied Research Center Turns 30

In a world that had gone colorblind in the post-Civil Rights era, ARC’s focus on communities of color was anathema to some, and savior to many. Come join us as we celebrate three decades of hard work.

Study Shows How to Build LGBT, Racial Justice Movements Together

ARC’s researchers explore the ties between two crucial movements that are too often seen as in combat.

Follow the Facing Race 2010 Discussion Online This Week

The ColorLines team is headed to Chicago–join us, online or off.

How to Build, and Support, Movement Leadership

ARC’s Terry Keleher on how nonprofits can create racial justice trailblazers.

The Intersection Between Racial Justice and LGBT Community

Our publisher, the Applied Research Center, has analyzed the barriers to cooperation and gives recommendations for moving them.