Anita Hill

Anita Hill. Older Black woman with gray hair and glasses holding microphone.

Anita Hill's Hollywood Commission Launches Harassment Survey

The industry-wide survey will ask people working in the entertainment industry to anonymously share their experiences dealing with sexual harassment and abuse.

A drawing of a black and white body wrapped in red ribbon that says "This is not yours"

I'm a Survivor Who Isn't Brave Like Anita and Christine. And That's OK

As she watches the fate of Christine Blasey Ford and new Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez, labor organizer Camille rivera reflects on why coming forward should always be the survivor’s choice.

Anita Hill speaks on a stage, seated

Anita Hill on Donald Trump's 'Predatory' Language

“At virtually every dinner table this weekend, people talked about what should happen to Donald Trump’s political ambitions. But little consideration was given to what impact the brutish behavior he claimed to have had on the women he victimized.”

Anita Hill Talks Civil Rights

“We have to keep fighting.”

Anita Hill Documentary Director Frieda Mock Tells Her Story

The film, production for which began in 2010, had a powerful impact on its creator.

Anita Hill Documentary to Open This Week in Select Cities

A documentary focused on her life and time in the spotlight will open in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles on Friday.

Anita Hill Opens Up About Today's Racial Injustices

In an interview with The Root, the legal scholar makes an important distinction between equality and civil rights.

What I Learned from Anita Hill at 20

At a major conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill’s groundbreaking testimony, the intersection between race and gender came through loud and clear.

Actually, It's Clarence Thomas Who Owes the Apology Here

CREDO Action does some reaching out across the years, too.

The Ongoing Self-Degradation of Virginia and Clarence Thomas

This time the high-tech lynching came through a phone line, but the evil still lurks within.

No, Anita Hill Will Not Apologize to Clarence Thomas' Wife

But she will call the cops if Virginia Thomas doesn’t stay off her voicemail.