Ammon Bundy

Armed 'Militia' Members Acquitted Following Oregon Occupation

The verdict comes as peaceful Native American water protectors are evicted from #NoDAPL actions.

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New Report Details Political Reach, Danger of Oregon's Patriot Movement

The Malheur occupation introduced much of the world to the conservative- and racist-leaning movement that, as a new report from the Rural Organizing Project and Political Research Associates explains, has deep roots in Oregon and major implications for national organizing efforts.

Oregon 'Militia' Leaders Arrested, One Killed

But armed members are still occupying federal buildings on the wildlife refuge.

Native Tribal Council Says Armed Protesters In Oregon "Just Need To Get The Hell Out Of Here"

Said Burns Paiute Tribal Council Chair Charlotte Rodrique: ”Don’t tell me any of these ranchers came across the Bering Strait.”