Ava DuVernay in Black dress against blue light background with white text

With '13th,' Ava DuVernay Breaks Down the Racism of Mass Incarceration in a Way That Everyone Can Understand

The “Selma” and “Queen Sugar” director’s new film on the history, policies and practices that have led to the mass incarceration and modern-day slavery of Black people premieres on Netflix today. Here, she explains the strategy behind the must-see documentary.

Yelp! Joins ALEC Amidst Ongoing Criticism

At least 50 corporations and nonprofits have severed ties with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), but Yelp! is just getting on board.

General Motors and Walgreens Leave ALEC, 30 Firms Have Left

Walgreens and General Motors are the 29th and 30th corporations to announce that they have dropped ALEC.

MillerCoors, HP, and Best Buy Leave ALEC

The companies join the roughly 20 companies that have already parted ways with ALEC since ColorOfChange members began demanding an end to corporate-sponsored voter suppression.

Johnson & Johnson Becomes 19th Company to Withdraw Support From ALEC

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that it would no longer fund the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Walmart Backs Away From ALEC's Quest to Suppress Black Voters

Walmart Stores Inc., announced late Wednesday it’s suspending its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing policy group that has worked to suppress the black vote and promoted “Kill at Will” gun laws.

Amazon Ditches the Conservative Public Policy Group ALEC

Amazon became the 16th company to announce that it has dropped ALEC since ColorOfChange launched its campaign targeting ALEC’s corporate sponsors.

Is ALEC on the Ropes? As Companies Flee, Critics Target IRS

Another bad day for the secretive conservative group that’s spread pro-corporate and Tea Party-style legislation around the country. Common Cause challenges its tax exempt status.

ALEC Scraps Voter ID and 'Kill at Will' Task Force

ALEC finally cuts loose its task force responsible for popularizing legislation that obstructs voting rights and allows gun owners to kill at will.

Coke, Pepsi and Kraft Have Pulled Out of ALEC--Is That Enough?

Coke and Pepsi said they were only in ALEC for the work around discriminatory food and beverage taxes. It would have been nice if they cited the discriminatory impact of voter ID laws.

Swing State Strategy? Pennsylvania May Be Next to Restrict Voting Rights

A glance at other legislation pushed by the bill’s sponsor this session reveals a flock of efforts to curtail rights of minorities: an “illegal immigration” bill, a “right to work” anti-union bill, a “14th Amendment Misapplication” bill, and more.