Painting of "Black Panther" cast in multicolored clothing against blue sky on red and gold carpet

How Fans Created The First Ever Wakandacon

Black storytellers successfully envisioned what Wakanda—a futuristic African country unencumbered by colonial baggage—could be. Then a group of “Black Panther” fans brought Wakanda to Chicago.

Illustration of Black woman in multicolored clothing in front of dark blue skies outlined with neon and brown books with blue characters in front of white background

Google Doodle Honors Octavia E. Butler

The author broke race and gender barriers in sci-fi literature and tackled discrimination and identity themes in her work. 

Purple and pink satellites, speakers and rocks in front of orange sky and under black hair extensions

How 'Neurospeculative AfroFeminism' Uses Virtual Reality to Explore Otherworldly Transformation at a Black Hair Salon

Colorlines sat down with designers from Hyphen-Labs, a multidisciplinary creative collective led by women of color, to discuss the inspiration behind the immersive experience they showcased at South by Southwest.

Animation of Black man in golden robes and gold-and-blue headdress with gold antennae against purple sky with yellow and pink stars

WATCH: Sun Ra's Afrofuturist Vision Takes to Space in This Animated Video

The first episode of Dust’s “Afrofuturism” series depicts the artist’s life story as a sci-fi adventure. Future episodes will focus on Missy Elliott, Jimi Hendrix and more.

"Blackspace" in white text with white airplane, green and red arches, cityscape in the background

Afrofuturist Creator Seeks Support for North Carolina 'Blackspace'

Pierce Freelon describes Blackspace’s mission as “social entrepreneurship with an Afrofuturism twist.” 

In New Orleans, a Black Feminist Opera With a Touch of Afrofuturism

To dovetail with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the new five-part opera ”Echohybridity” will be performed in New Orleans.