Study Unveils Subconscious Racial Bias in Asian, Black, White, Biracial People

Study shows that few people are actually walking around with no racial bias.

Report: Latino and Black Kids Targeted With Junk Food Ads, Linked to Obesity

Study says that junk- and fast-food companies are targeting black and brown kids, and it’s contributing to higher obesity rates.

Rachel Dolezal In Vanity Fair: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I’m African American, But I Would Say I’m Black'

She also says she wants to write a book

New Essay Series Examines What It Means To Be Black In America

Series features essays from Talib Kweli, Jamilah Lemieux, Haki Madhubuti and more on what it means to be black in America today.

Black College Student Files $5 Million Discrimination Suit

Claim says university failed to protect student from racial bullying

Joy Reid Gets Her Own Show on MSNBC

Reid’s new MSNBC daytime show debuts February 24.

Phila. Teen Claims Stop-And-Frisk Led to Injured Genitals

The 16-year-old says that a female officer squeezed his genitals so hard that it ruptured his testicle.

WashPost Asks Black Men What They Fear, Love and Dream Of [Video]

The Post continues its three part video series that asks: What do you fear, love and dream of?

Should Black Women Have To Straighten Their Hair To Be On TV? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sounds off on perms, police, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Robert Griffin III's Dad Comes to Son's Defense Against Comments That the Rookie Quarterback Isn't Black Enough

On Thursday sports commentator Rob Parker went on ESPN to ask if Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was “brother, or is he a cornball brother?”

Supporters Launch Online Petition for Fired Black Meteorologist

Rhonda Lee was fired after responding to criticism about her Afro.

Morehouse to Offer its First Black LGBT History Course

The nation’s most well known all-male college for black men, announced this week this week announced a new course focusing on LGBT pop culture, history and society.

BET Co-Founder Says Network Reinforces Negative Stereotypes

The co-founder says the network’s current content reinforces negative stereotypes of blacks in the U.S.

Mitt Romney On NAACP Booing: If They Want 'More Free Stuff' They Should Vote For Obama

On Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported that Mitt Romney responded to being booed at the NAACP by taking a punch at the mostly black audience and saying if they want more free stuff from the government to vote for President Obama.

Silver Spring, MD Gets Its Own African Contemporary Dance Flash Mob [Video]

Watch a group of young people as they performed an African Contemporary Dance Flash Mob in the Downtown Silver Spring area.

Afro Dish Sponges: Funny or Racist?

The British company Paladone released a line of dishwashing sponges based on African-Americans with Afro hairstyles. One figure is shaped like Diana Ross with a brillo pad hairstyle and another is a disco-styled sponge. Paladone said that these were designed to be fun and sales have been high. But are these funny or racist?

Illinois' African Women Entrepreneurs Fight For Their Right to Braid [Video]

A new video shows how Illinois’ professional hair braiders worked with legislators to defeat a racially skewed licensing law.

Strong U.S. Job Growth Leads to Lowest Black Unemployment in Years

Latest jobs report sees biggest drops in black unemployment in years.

Homelessness on the Rise for Female Veterans, African-Americans Hit Hardest

Last month the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report that found the number of women veterans that are homeless has grown substantially and the majority are black women.

Weight Watchers Goes After Black Males: Charles Barkley Star of New Campaign

Weight Watchers has launched a new campaign that goes after men with former basketball player Charles Barkley endorsing the weight loss program.