Twitter is Not Feeling Whitewashed ‘Gods of Egypt’

Another day, another Hollywood erasure. For this go-‘round, Ancient Egyptians are looking mighty White. 

5 Music Videos Set In Africa That Didn't Erase African People

Taylor Swift didn’t get it right, these five (kind of) did. 

Pew Report Highlights on Black Immigrants

Black immigrants make up 9 percent of the black population in the states.

New Film Probes the West's Very Old Obsession With 'Saving' Africa

“Framed” asks all the tough questions.

Colleagues Remember Eric Ohene Lembembe, Murdered LGBT Activist

Lembembe was found tortured and killed in his home in the Cameroonian capitol of Yaounde.

Zanele Muholi's Absolutely Stunning Portraits of Queer Africa

Faces from visual artist Zanele Muholi’s portraits of lesbian and transgender women in Africa.

Anti-Gay Climate in Zambia Worsening Its HIV Epidemic

The anti-gay obsession in the landlocked southern African nation of Zambia is worsening its HIV epidemic.

What the U.S. Can Learn From Africa's Booming Economy

The continent may have entered a new phase in its history. How? By focusing on healthy people and local investment.

Wall Street's Africa Land Grab

Yet another example of the way in which the financial system thrives off of inequality, both internationally and here at home.

Four African Men School You on Hollywood Stereotypes [Video]

Wouldn’t it be better if African men weren’t always depicted as warlords or victims?

Invisible Children Release Kony 2012 Update With 'More Details and Context'

The organization released an update today which is said to offer more details and context about the conflicts in Uganda.

Kony 2012's Success Shows There's Big Money Attached to White Saviors

Despite its attempt to respond directly to criticism, Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign puts the focus on all that’s right–and wrong–with online advocacy.

Youssou N'dour to Run for President of Senegal

Singer says he will challenge Abdoulaye Wade in elections next month.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Three Women Activists from Liberia and Yemen

Most of the recipients in the award’s 110-year history have been men.

Africa and the International Criminal Court: Is Global Justice Blind?

Applying a global standard of justice seems near impossible for crimes that stem from vast inequalities in wealth and power, particularly when judgement shades into race and gender. But the ICC has tipped the scales, slightly, toward a collective moral gravity.

Ghana's Growing Gay Pride Faces Now-Familiar Evangelical Backlash

Throughout sub-Saharan Africa, evangelical Christianity’s growth has prompted political leaders and media to incite fear of increasingly open gay communities. Ghana’s burgeoning community is the latest target.

Famine Devastates Somalia in the Shadow of U.S. Domination

The now-famished nation has long lived with well-fed wars and an overbearing U.S. presence that has eroded the institutional foundations it purports to rescue.

Who's Grabbing Africa's Land? U.S. Speculators, Including Universities

The financial industry has identified rich soil in poor countries. But watchdogs warn that turning Africa’s land over to the global financial marketplace will deepen an already growing food crisis.

Once West Africa's Rising Star, Ivory Coast Faces Dangerous Horizon

The 2010 election was supposed to herald a new era in the region. Now, the future holds more questions than answers.

Ivory Coast Aftermath: The People, Not the President(s) Come First

In the Ivory Coast’s post-election turmoil, seven women at an all-women’s rally are shot down. Unacceptable.