Affordable Housing

Two police officers walking towards a public housing apartment complex

STUDY: Women of Color Living in Poverty Face Highest Risk of Eviction

A new report from Eviction Lab explores who is experiencing housing insecurity in the United States.

Ben Carson. Black man talking.

Civil Rights Groups Sue Ben Carson, HUD For Allegedly Aiding Affordable Housing Segregation

“The delay of this rule will have a segregative effect, denying these primarily African-American families who would want to move out of their neighborhoods the chance to do so.”

Two homes sit side-by-side in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

#RentersDayOfAction Kicks Off Today in 48 U.S. Cities

Demonstrations have started in New York City and San Francisco, with others scheduled for Boston and Chicago.

Seattle Mayor Aims to Help More Muslims Buy Homes With Sharia-Compliant Loans

Other provisions include removing barriers that block ex-offenders from housing and mandating that affordable units be included in new developments.

Why Public Housing is Falling Apart in NYC

New report chronicles a decade of defunding at every level of government

How the Most Ambitious Affordable Housing Plan in the Country Falls Short

Should New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort on affordable housing falter, it would be a setback not only for the city over which he presides but for all who share his progressive vision in the United States and around the world.

Evictions Are Still Hurting Communities of Color

Research points to an under-reported trend of evictions in urban areas

Jimmy 'Rent-Too-Damn-High' McMillan Is Getting Evicted

The man who shook up the New York gubernatorial campaign with his catch slogan is getting the boot because his “rent is too damn low.” Still, he was right about everybody else’s rent.

The Rent is Too Damn High! Really, Though, Jimmy's Got a Point

Here are the numbers to back up Jimmy McMillan’s now-famous rant.

Housing Crisis Lingers in Post-Katrina New Orleans

While New Orleans hobbles toward recovery after Hurricane Katrina’s punishing blows, a deep affordable housing crisis continues to hold back impoverished mothers:

Texas Settlement Could Be Blueprint for Disaster Recovery

ike.jpgWhile the government struggles to confront the mounting catastrophe on the Gulf Coast, a legal settlement in Texas is set to put hundreds of millions in long overdue relief funds into the hands of disaster victims.