Brown women in black and navy hijabs stand next to Brown women and men in multicolored clothing holding white and red signs in front of brown and grey buildings and grey sky

10 Must-Read Tweets From the #MySept11MuslimStory Campaign

Sixteen years after the Semptember 11 attacks, Muslims—and those percieved to be Muslims—still endure racist violence and discrimination. This Twitter campaign chronicles their stories.

Man wearing black skullcap with American flag on it prays with his eyes closed

READ: Suman Raghunathan on 9/11, Racism and 'Toxic Patriotism'

From the executive director of South Asian Americans Leading Together: “This September 11, I will remember that this is the true patriotism—working with our communities to protect each other, and in doing so, to form a more perfect union.”

Brown people stand in row on grey street with white traffic markings by brown storefronts

Queer, Muslim and APIA Advocacy Orgs Protest Post-9/11 Hate Violence With Weekend of #QueerAzaadi Actions

Checkpoint protests, community funerals and other actions in cities across the country will honor people impacted by state and White supremacist violence.

White poster with black lettering and image on a brown post, men in multi-colored outfits in background

#AfterSeptember11 Returns With Candid Stories of Fear, Islamophobia

The hashtag emerged as a response to 9/11 tributes that some feel dismiss the years of Islamophobia-induced violence and paranoia that impact Muslims, South Asians, Arabs and Sikhs.

Collection of handmade 9/11 missing person posters outside of New York City's Saint Vincent Hospital

In Our Own Words: Reflections on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Muslim, Arab, South Asian and Sikh activists and allies recall where they were on September 11, 2001 and how that day has shaped their movements and resistance today. 

STUDY: In the Six Months After 9/11, Arab Women Were More Likely to Have Poor Birth Outcomes

A unique University of Chicago study showed a 34-percent increase in low infant birth-weight for Arab children born in the six months following the 9/11 attacks.

New Author Deepa Iyer Talks Post-9/11 Backlash and How ISIS' Paris Attack Will Impact Brown Folks Here

In her first book, civil rights activist and attorney Deepa Iyer chronicles the experiences of U.S. Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians after 9/11 and weighs in on how the ISIS massacre in Paris will reverberate in this country.

No Chill on 9/11

Since the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center, Muslim-Americans and other brown people have faced racism, physical attacks, violent threats, government spying, media malfeasance and self-censorship. Basim Usmani examines how this post 9/11 environment has marred his Boston Muslim community—and his own ability to speak up.

Puerto Rican Artist Ricardo Mulero Leads 9/11 Memorial Exhibit Team

Mulero previously worked at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and at Freedom Park in Pretoria, South Africa, but this project was unique.

Report: South Asian Americans Still Under Attack 13 Years After 9/11

But there’s hope.

NY Renames Street for Muslim EMT and Cadet who Died on 9/11

Salman Hamdani Way is in Bayside, Queens.

NYPD Disbands Muslim-Spying Unit

Does this mean the end of post-9/11 dragnet tactics?

AG Holder Tweaks F.B.I. Racial Profiling Rules

Compromise rules hold implications for U.S. Muslim and Latino communities in particular

NYPD Covertly Labels Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

Undercover documents expose extensive mosque surveillance in New York.

Bradley Manning Talks Race and Justice

The reveling statement gives us a better understanding about Manning’s motivations.

Univision: 'Everything' Changed for Immigrants After 9/11

Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas remembers covering the events of September 11, 2001.

'Say You Heard My Echo' Follows Lives in the Shadows of 9/11

Spoken word poet Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai talks about her latest spoken word theater ensemble.

Feds Use Counter-Terrorism Laws to Fuel Deportation Machine

A decade after September 11, 2001, the government is wielding it’s broad counterterrorism powers against non-citizens who pose no threat and who face deportation as a result.

Ten Years Since the Murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi, First 9/11 Hate Crime

It’s a sad reminder of the hate that followed 9/11.

A Human Touch Pulled the Curtain on Peter King's Anti-Muslim Theater

The lesson of last week is clear: Showing our humanity is the best response to Muslim bashing.