2010 Elections

Kamala Harris Win Rounds Out Dem Sweep of Cali

Looks like there’s still hope for democrats.

Another Midterm Lesson: It's the Money, Stupid

Billions in “independent” spending swung key races, and local “news” helped.

The DREAM's Alive! Obama, Dems Plan Lame-Duck Immigration Vote

Many see it as Democrats’ last chance to make good on immigration reform vows before 2012.

Jean Quan Is Oakland's New Mayor

The former city council member becomes to the first Asian American and the first woman to hold the job.

What It Will Take to Win the Latino Vote In 2012

Hint: Taking them for granted until then is a bad start.

Screw the Midterms! We Need a People's Revolution

Roberto Lovato says corporations have corrupted electoral politics. The good news is last week opens the door to real, people-driven revolution.

Dems Suffer Without Young Voters of Color Who Stole the '08 Show

Exit polls from Tuesday’s election show that the electorate has shifted back toward angry, older white men.

MoJo Tracks the Coming Anti-Immigrant Governors

Jan Brewer won’t likely be the only zealot in office after today.

Can't Vote? Here Are Five Ways You CAN Participate

Millions of Americans aren’t allowed inside the ballot box. Here’s how they can still shape the political process.

Go Vote! Here's Help Finding (and Watching) Your Polling Site

People literally died so we could do this thing today.

Breitbart, Man Famous Solely for Racebaiting Lies, Lands ABC Gig

Though this election season has been bad? Coverage just got a lot worse.

American and European Right Unite in Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

The troubling themes of the midterm elections echo around the Western world.

Presente to People of Color: The Haters Will Vote. Will You?

Racist rhetoric might drive liberals to the polls, too.

The Reformers Everybody Ignored While Fussing Over the Tea Party

Juell Stewart wanders into the real grassroots of Obama-era national politics.

GOP Strategist Who Told Latinos "Don't Vote," Casts His Ballot

Do as Robert de Posada says, but not as he does.

Fox News Running Out of Reasons to Call Obama Racist

So they’re settling instead for attacking innocuous metaphors.

Where Are the Obama Youth? Busy Building Their Own Futures

Jamilah King asks Milwaukee’s crucial young voters what brings them to the polls. The answer isn’t a charismatic candidate.

Ellison Responds as Tea Party Big Repeats Anti-Muslim Attack

Tea party leader answers critics of his bigoted attack on Rep. Ellison with still more bigotry.

The Most Racist Campaign in Decades, and What It Demands of Us

ColorLines Publisher Rinku Sen puts the frightful past two years of political discourse in context.

Sharron Angle Says Fear "The Wave" (Yes, She Means Brown People)

Things just keep getting uglier in Nevada.