Facing Race 2014

Facing Race 2014 Plenary Livestream: 'The Next Fifty'

This year and next we will celebrate the anniversaries of major racial justice victories like the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. In this plenary, big thinkers will reflect on trends and strategies for the next half century.

Facing Race 2014 Livestream: 'Roots and Wings: Southern Histories, Legacies and Innovations for the Future'

Leaders from the South will offer their insight on some of the challenges and opportunities facing the region and our movements to achieve racial justice and equity.

Facing Race 2014 Youth Panel Livestream: 'This is How We Do It'

A new generation of racial justice leaders are interrupting and innovating in the ways racial justice work is made relevant in our times. Tune in for leading activists and advocates at 9 — 10:45 CT!

Facing Race Spotlight: Detroit Artist Collective Complex Movements

A group of artists grew tired of the standard formula for hip-hop shows, so they created something radically different.

Facing Race Spotlight: Labor Activist Cristina Tzintzún

The leader of the Austin-based Workers Defense Project on winning battles for construction workers who are mostly undocumented Latinos.

Facing Race Spotlight: Southern Artist Carlton Turner

“Anything that we’re seeing today in pop culture originated in production you can trace back to black labor in the South.”

Facing Race Spotlight: Trans Latina Activist Isa Noyola

The San Francisco-based trans advocate explains why race and gender need to be in the same conversation.

Facing Race Spotlight: Tech Activist Van Jones

Through two new initiatives the longtime activist is working to train 100,000 low-income youth in computer programming and to reduce the prison population by half in the next 10 years.

Facing Race Spotlight: Activist Dara Silverman

A team leader of Showing Up for Racial Justice, a group that enlists white people to participate in the movement for racial justice, talks law enforcement, local organizing and the end of racism. .

Facing Race Spotlight: Arts Activist Ken Chen

Chen, the executive director of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, spoke with Colorlines about Asian-American identity, the role of poetry in social justice movements and the power of weirdness.

Facing Race Spotlight: Palestinian-American Activist Linda Sarsour

Ahead of Facing Race, the civil rights activist discusses multi-racial solidarity and the overlap between the criminalization of black, Arab and Muslim communities.

Facing Race Spotlight: Organizer Alicia Garza on Why Black Lives Matter

The longtime activist talks about why it’s crucial that black people not be lost in America’s organizing.

Facing Race Spotlight: Queer Burlesque Dancer Ms. Cherry Galette

Meet the co-founder of Mangos With Chili, a queer and trans people of color performance troupe based in the Bay Area.