Jamilah King is the news editor at Colorlines.com, coordinating story assignments as news breaks, as well as covering urban politics and youth culture. Before joining Colorlines she was associate editor at WireTap Magazine, an online political publication that was a project of The Nation Institute. Jamilah serves on peer review board of the Youth Media Reporter, previously worked as contributing editor with YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, and has covered the youth vote for Colorlines.com. Jamilah is a former McNair scholar and Kopkind Fellow. She graduated with degrees in English and Black Studies from Pitzer College and also studied gender and development at the University of the West Indies along with labor history at City University of New York.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jamilah grew up in a single parent, working class household. She has written about her family’s personal experience with violence, and is dedicated to using art to articulate new visions for the future. Jamilah participated in the Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP) where she organized passenger service workers in Oakland with the Center for Third World Organizing. She studied labor history at City University of New York and worked as an organizer with SEIU and low income workers in the Bronx. She has also volunteered in the HIV community, doing outreach with Bay Area Young Positives and the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, Gays, and All-Sexuals in Kingston.

Jamilah frequently appears on community radio and media conferences around the country, including National Conference on Media Reform and Allied Media Conference. Jamilah’s writing has also appeared on New America Media, TheNation.com, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Alternet, and Racialicious. She’s an avid basketball fan and a recovering music junkie.