Hatty is the Art and Production Manager for ARC and ColorLines Magazine. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she attended Santa Clara University and the Academy of Art University. She has done design work with various organizations and artists to promote issues ranging from domestic violence to immigration. She was Design Director of Hyphen Magazine, a non-profit Asian American magazine. She believes that visual media and music are important tools in bringing people together and changing politics.

Infographics: Mapping the Drug Testing Meme

Georgia’s law forcing welfare applicants to get drug tests was put on hold this month, pending resolution of a legal challenge to a similar Florida law. But the same debate has unfolded in state legislatures around the country.

Afro Dish Sponges: Funny or Racist?

The British company Paladone released a line of dishwashing sponges based on African-Americans with Afro hairstyles. One figure is shaped like Diana Ross with a brillo pad hairstyle and another is a disco-styled sponge. Paladone said that these were designed to be fun and sales have been high. But are these funny or racist?

The Art of a May Day Protest

As people celebrate international worker’s day, we take a look at the visual art that’s become essential to the movement.