Daisy Hernández Daisy is the coeditor of Colonize This! Young Women of Today’s Feminism. She’s the former editor of ColorLines magazine and a former columnist with Ms. magazine. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Newsday, the National Catholic Reporter, bitch magazine, Curve, In These Times, as well as, several anthologies. For more of her work, go to daisyhernandez.com.

Jan Brewer's Cross-Border Tantrum

Mexico’s border state governors say they’re not stepping foot in Arizona for their annual meeting, so Brewer cancelled the confab. Problem is, she doesn’t have that authority.

Feds Sue Arizona Over SB 1070

The Justice Department argues only the feds can regulate immigration. Except, of course, in the case of all the federal policies that already hand that power to states.

Naomi Campbell Wants No Part in Locking Up a War Criminal

It sounds like the plot line for an action film.

A warlord, then actually the head of an African state, is at a party at Nelson Mandela’s house. He meets a supermodel and is so taken by her that he sends one of his guys to her room, where the sleepy supermodel opens the door and is given a blood diamond, a diamond that’s been mined in a war zone for the sole purpose of financing brutal activities.

5 Ways To Celebrate the Fourth of July

It happens every year. Your progressive friends host the Fourth of July barbecue, where you eat too much carne puerco and grumble intermittently among yourselves about what crap this holiday is, how it’s all about nation-building and do you remember that piece by Howard Zinn on putting away the flags? Then you all agree that on the flipside it’s nice to have a day off or have gotten overtime. You open more Coronas and start talking about the bad news you just read on FaceBook that morning.