The staunchly conservative Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday. The Topeka, Kansas church is known for protesting funerals of celebrities, soldiers, gays and now Whitney Houston.

“Yay! 2 pickets in NJ-Whitney Houston funeral & [legislature],” Margie Phelps, daughter of the church’s pastor Fred Phelps, tweeted Tuesday morning.

Phelps, a serial tweeter, has made other comments about Houston that may offer some insight on why the Westboro Baptist plans to protest.

On February 11th Phelps tweeted, “No R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You don’t live your life serving self &sin, stealing God’s glory, & get peace.”

She later went on to tweet, “Stand by for Westboro parody, ‘God Will Always Hate You, Whitney,’” and “F— call her ‘gay icon.’ Yeah, WBC is picketing that funeral.”

(h/t Christian Post)