For the ninth year in a row, Forward Together, a multi-state organization that advocates for rights, recognition and resources for families, is celebrating Mother’s Day (May 12) with the Mamas Day campaign.

Created in 2011, the campaign is an all-encompassing love fest for all the people who step into the role of mother, regardless of prevailing ideas about what makes a mama. Each year, the organization partners with artists who create original art inspired by mothers and families. That art is then turned into personalized, downloadable cards for the mamas in your life.

This year’s collection includes work from print maker and digital illustrator Chucha Marquez, comic artist Ethan Parker, visual artist Melanie Cervantes and illustrator Mohammed Fayaz (“Mojuicy”).

“Mother’s Day was founded on the power of mamas united against war and violence. This year for Mamas Day, we honor that tradition by celebrating the power of our movement mamas,” the organization writes on its website.

Check out the cards below, then download them here:

Illustration: Courtesy of Forward Together, by Melanie CervantesMamas Day. Colorful Illustration of mom with short cut embracing daughter.“This piece celebrates Karissa Lewis. Karissa is the director of programs for the Center for Third World Organizing and is active in the #BlackLivesMatter Bay Area Chapter as well as tending to a beautiful urban farm in East Oakland which she cares for with her partner and daughter. Karissa and her daughter Kyla, who is a young activist as well, have [a] beautiful, fun and joyful relationship and this year I want to celebrate the light and love I see between them. I include the Nguni Bantu term of Ubuntu, translated into English, here because I feel it reflects their dynamic interdependent relationship.” —Melanie Cervantes

Illustration: Courtesy of Forward Together, by Ethan X. ParkerMamas Day. Illustration showing three different types of mamas of color with a girl child, baby and pregnant.“Mamas Day is my opportunity to honor people in my community who don’t often see themselves represented in mass produced holiday cards. Black masculine, trans and gender nonconforming mothers exist and are thriving; I see them, you see them, and it’s time we all acknowledge them. Having the opportunity to show them that we love and support all their expressions of identity when raising their babies is particularly exciting for me. This is for queer and trans mamas who don’t fit into the manufactured image of motherhood, but whose motherhood is just as valuable, just as necessary, and just as important.” —Ethan X. Parker

Illustration: Courtesy of Forward Together, by Melanie CervantesMamas Day. Illustration showing Indigenous mom with small children.“This piece honors Indigenous and First Nations mamas throughout Turtle Island, whose fierce leadership moves our communities forward and whose tender love holds our people and families together. This piece also honors my beautiful friend Morning Star Gali who inspires in so many ways.” —Melanie Cervantes

Illustration: Courtesy of Forward Together, by Chucha MarquezMamas Day. Illustration of parent and child under moonlight in the desert with backpack.“When creating this image, I thought about my mother’s difficult migration journey through landscape, with hopes of improving her family’s conditions and providing opportunity for the family she would create in the United States. I thought about our relation to Earth and nature, the healing that comes with connecting to Mother, and camping trips, star gazing and stories of sky that were shared between my mother and I. And I was inspired by the power of Moon, and the way she creates movement in ocean tides and our internal waters.” —Chucha Marquez