Keynote Speaker Rev. Dr. William Barber II face emanates neon purple rays against a background of dark blue with dark teal concentric pentagonal shapes that subtly meet one another to create a cohesive pattern as they radiate out in to space. Race Forward Presents Facing Race: A National Conference.

Last month, Pax Jones, a Black student at the University of Texas, created a photo series aimed at fighting back against global colorism and the media that perpetuates it. Titled “Unfair and Lovely,” it featured her classmates, South Asian sisters Mirusha and Yanusha Yogarajah. Now the series has inspired the #UnfairAndLovely hashtag campaign, which features people of color—primarily South Asians—flexing their melanin.

Jones told The Huffington Post that the campaign—which takes its name from a skin whitening cream called Fair & Lovely—is for all people of color who have been marginalized for having dark skin. “#UnfairAndLovely is meant to be an inclusive space. It is for the dark-skinned queer, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, poor, fat, differently abled people of color,” Jones said.

She hopes the campaign will bring together dark-skinned women of color from around the world. And this week it has joined forces with the #ReclaimTheBindi campaign, which aims to educate people about cultural appropriation with regards to wearing bindi.

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