In this week’s edition of Serena Slays, the reigning queen of the sports world rules the latest issue of New York magazine. In the cover story, she talks a bit about the racism and sexism she has encountered over her unheard-of 16-year tennis career.

When asked about the indignities she has suffered while representing people of color in tennis, she said:

I don’t think about it. I don’t dwell in the past. If I do, I’ll be swallowed up by negativity. As Mandela once said, ‘I will be in a mental prison.’

On the sexism of a game that fined her $82,500 for trash talk that was in line with John McEnroe’s best insults, she said: 

I just think it was weird. I just really thought that was strange. You have people who made a career out of yelling at line judges. And a woman does it, and it’s like a big problem. But you know, hey.

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