And then, there was Ron Paul. The players in the dramatic comedy that’s been the GOP primary have each taken a turn on center stage–Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, most recently Newt Gingrich. But it now looks Paul is stealing Gingrich’s scene this week. Yes, Ron Paul of [I wouldn’t have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act fame]( [Talking Points Memo has the polling details:]( >The latest results from Democratic pollster PPP show Ron Paul overtaking Gingrich for the top spot with 23% of the vote. > >Gingrich is in second place with 20% of the vote and Romney is at 14%. Notably, several of the other candidates have double digit shares, giving them some potential for a last minute surge: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum are all tied for fourth at 10%. Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson each are at 4%. So, while Paul’s surging, it’s actually a toss up. Which is cold comfort for racial justice. Check out contributor [Sally Kohn’s “Definitive Guide to Bigotry in the Republican Primaries (So Far).”](