Anonymous National Football League (NFL) sources told both ESPN and yesterday (April 12) that the Seattle Seahawks postponed a planned team workout with free agent quarterback and racial justice activist Colin Kaepernick, citing concerns about the possibility of ongoing protest. For Kaepernick’s supporters, the reports affirm the athlete’s allegations of league-wide collusion against his on-field kneeling protest.

According to ESPN, the Seattle team made plans for Kaepernick to visit its headquarters and training center two weeks ago. Those plans folded after Kaepernick wouldn’t agree to a last-minute stipulation that he would not kneel during the upcoming season if he signed to the team. Kaepernick reportedly refused to agree to the term, saying that he was not sure what he would do in terms of protest.

Neither Kaepernick nor the Seahawks have officialy commented on the reports. Meanwhile, the league announced earlier today (April 13) that the Seahawks hired former Washington NFL Team quarterback Stephen Morris.

The situation looks similar to one reportedly faced by Kaepernick’s former San Francisco 49ers teammate and fellow activist Eric Ried in his talks with the Cinncinnati Bengals. Kaepernick’s supporters took to Twitter to call out the Seahawks and accuse the league of the very collusion listed in Kaepernick’s official grievance.