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Sameer Rao is a reporter and blogger for Colorlines, focusing on culture news. As a freelance writer, Sameer's work has appeared in Stereogum, VICE's Noisey, Under the Radar, Splitsider, Philadelphia City Paper, WXPN's The Key, PhillyVoice, the Public School Notebook, and Independent Restaurateur. His writing primarily focuses on music, comedy, theatre, film, social entrepreneurship, race, media, gender, critical theory, pop culture, and where all of those things intersect. Sameer is a graduate of Haverford College and Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and he has also worked as a non-profit marketing coordinator, case worker, and community organizer.

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Amid Black Erasure Controversy, 'Guerrilla' Premieres to Poor Numbers

The Showtime limited series about the 1970s British Black Power Movement faced accusations of erasing Black women from the historical narrative.

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PLAYLIST: The 9 Prince Songs We Have on Repeat Today

On the first anniversary of the his untimely passing, we offer a Spotify playlist of our favorite Prince songs.

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Peabody Jurors Honor Beyoncé's 'Lemonade, Donald Glover's 'Atlanta'

The visual album and FX series each earned one of seven Peabody entertainment awards.

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Nefertite Nguvu's Black Ensemble Drama, 'In the Morning,' Now Available On Demand

You can see the filmmaker's award-winning feature about nine Brooklyn residents' romantic entanglements on Amazon, Vimeo on Demand and more.

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ICYMI: Miami-Dade County Renames Street to Honor 'Moonlight'

Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney grew up in the predominantly Black Miami neighborhood where much of their Oscar-winning movie took place.

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These 22 People From Time's 'Most Influential People' List Fight Racism With Their Work

From Viola Davis to Linda Sarsour, Chance the Rapper to John Lewis, these people of color are featured on Time's 2017 list of "The 100 Most Influential People."

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4 Questions With Drug (Reform)-Loving Comic Duo, the Lucas Bros.

The twin stoner comedians lampoon Richard Nixon, the War on Drugs and more in their Netflix special out this week. In honor of 4/20, we spoke to Keith and Kenny about race, drug sentencing, legalization—and how their cameo in '22 Jump Street' may have saved their lives.

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5 Films to Follow From The Tribeca Film Festival

The 15th annual edition of the New York City film festival will screen hundreds of narrative features, documentaries, shorts and other visual media projects through the end of the month. Here are just a few of the films you should see asap.

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'13th' and 'O.J.: Made in America' Win Peabody Awards

Other winners in the public service and media awards' documentary category include "Hip-Hop Evolution" and "Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four."

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Franchesca Ramsey to Create a Pilot for Comedy Central

Her still-untitled show is one of several new projects from comedians of color who are tackling racism.

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READ: Inside the 'Warrior Policing' Lessons Dave Grossman Teaches Police Officers

A new report from New Republic documents the training sessions the retired cop teaches people like Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota officer who took one of Grossman's "warrior policing" seminars before killing Philando Castile.

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Morgan Freeman to Develop Rodney King Docuseries Using Home Video Footage

Freeman's production company acquired the rights to nearly 20 hours of never-before-seen footage of King reflecting on his youth and reluctant ascension to social justice figure after his infamous beating by LAPD officers.

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How It Feels to Be a Black Woman Teaching Boys of Color Behind Bars

In her new book, "All Day," poet and playwright Liza Jessie Peterson chronicles her year of teaching mostly Black and Latino boys inside New York City's vicious Rikers Island jail. Herewith, a Q&A.

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A $100.2 Million Opening for 'The Fate of the Furious' Sets Career Record for Director F. Gary Gray

Gray beat his own record, set by "Straight Outta Compton," for the highest earning opening weekend by a Black film director. 

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5 Times Kendrick Lamar Kicked Racism's A** on 'DAMN.'

The "Alright" MC just unleashed his latest album on the world. Here, five moments where K-Dot gave American racism and oppression the tounge-lashing it deserves.

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Queen Latifah, Jill Scott to Star in Lifetime's Water Crisis Drama, 'Flint'

Critics previously accused producers of Whitewashing for casting Cher in a lead role.

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The Roots Partner with Amazon for Two Children's Shows

One of the series, the animated "South Street Sounds," follows three friends who form a band in a neighborhood saturated by music—similar to The Roots' own origin on Philadelphia's South Street.

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WATCH: Salma Hayek Confronts White Elitism in 'Beatriz at Dinner' Trailer

The comedy, which hits theaters June 9, stars Hayek as a Latinx immigrant and holsitic healer whose refusal to ignore the rantings of a racist causes...friction.

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Regina King to Produce, Star in Atlanta Child Murders Drama, 'No Place Safe'

King reunites with "American Crime" creator John Ridley to adapt Kim Reid's memoir, which chronicles the investigation of the murders of 28 Black children and young adults in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981.

Black-and-white illustration of Black people transporting a Black body through a white field behind two Black bodies in front of White men on grey horses

#TBT: 144 Years Since Reconstruction's Deadliest Massacre

White supremacist paramilitary members killed dozens of Black militia members in the 1873 Colfax Massacre.