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Miriam Zoila Pérez is a Cuban-American writer covering issues of race, health and gender. She is the founder of RadicalDoula.com, and was an Editor at Feministing.com for four years, during which time the site was awarded the Sidney J Hillman Prize for Blog Journalism. Her writing has appeared in The Nation, Alternet, The American Prospect, MORE Magazine, RH Reality Check and a number of anthologies, including "Yes Means Yes," "Click" and "Persistence." Pérez is the author of "The Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full-Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support." Learn more about her work on her website, or follow her on twitter @miriamzperez.

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3 Powerful Ways to Observe Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance is on Friday, November 20. Here, a few ways you can honor people who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence and celebrate the resilience of those who are living.

New Author Deepa Iyer Talks Post-9/11 Backlash and How ISIS' Paris Attack Will Impact Brown Folks Here

In her first book, civil rights activist and attorney Deepa Iyer chronicles the experiences of U.S. Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians after 9/11 and weighs in on how the ISIS massacre in Paris will reverberate in this country.

Learning to Fight Oppression, One Joke at a Time

A new group in Washington, D.C., In Laughing Color, teaches queer and trans people of color to do improv, write jokes and command an audience. They're having their second "graduation" showcase this week.

Making More Doctors of Color, One Bus Trip at a Time

Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans are missing from the medical field. That's why Chicago family physician Kameron Leigh Matthews hits the road twice a year to help college students realize their dreams. 

As Planned Parenthood Reels, Independent Abortion Clinics Also Suffer—Under the Radar

Planned Parenthood is the perennial target of anti-choice attacks, but the independent abortion providers that perform up to 80 percent of the procedures in the United States are also struggling. Here's how the campaign against Planned Parenthood impacts clinics that don't get much media attention or national support. 

Meet Richael Faithful, a Queer Black 'Street Shaman'

“Few things are as frightening to people in this country as black people with magical power,” says Faithful of her work with Conjure, an African-American folk healing tradition.

Navajo Midwives in New Mexico Plan First-Ever Native American Birth Center

Certified nurse midwives Nicolle Gonzales and Brittney Simplicio are planning a space where Native women can experience traditional healing practices and midwifery care during birth.

Arrest of Undocumented Latina at Gynecologist's Office Could Scare Others Away From Healthcare

After Blanca Borrego presented a false ID at Texas' Northeast Women's Healthcare Clinic, staff members called the police. The mother of two was arrested and jailed for two weeks—a move that could deter other undocumented women from seeking vital gynecological care.

Eboné Bell, Founder of Lesbian Magazine Tagg, Talks Racism, Labels and Building From Scratch

As she celebrates four years of publishing Tagg, founder Eboné Bell reflects on what it takes to run a lesbian print publication as a queer black woman in Washington, D.C.

Meet the Women Trying to Be the New 'Left Flank' of the Repro Rights Movement

Writer/activists Pamela Merritt and Erin Matson have teamed up to launch a new direct action organization pushing for abortion access and reproductive justice.

The Comedy About 2 Trans Women of Color You Don't Want to Miss

"Tangerine" tells the story of two trans women of color making a life for themselves on the streets of Hollywood. It's unexpected, complex and in select theaters through September.

Joy Alert! The ‘Big Gal’ Yogi You Should be Following on Instagram

Valerie S., a 28-year-old Filipina and Mexican installation artist, has built a huge following with stunning photos of her yoga practice and her body-loving philosophy. Namaste!

5 Reasons Why the Latest Attacks on Planned Parenthood Matter to People of Color

You're probably feeling serious deja vu from the latest spate of videos that anti-abortion activists and lawmakers are using to impact Planned Parenthood's federal funding. Here are five reasons why this familiar tactic and the political machinations it's fueling matter to communities of color.

Surprising New Poll Shows Public Support for Government Funding of Abortion

Contrary to popular belief, a new survey shows that 86 percent of voters don't think politicians should be able to deny a woman insurance coverage for an abortion because she is poor.

Video: L.A. Femmes of Color Collective Launch New Story Project

The first installment of this series features queer black fat femme Mary Senyonga.

Staceyann Chin Strips Down to Talk Fashion, Identity and Politics

As part of a series called StyleLikeU, lesbian poet Staceyann Chin shares her views on motherhood, fashion, racism and the world she wants for her and her young daughter.

Meet the Burlesque Dancers ‘Bringing the Chocolate Back to Chocolate City’

Chè Monique and Dainty Dandridge founded Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret in November, and their second showcase is debuting tonight to a nearly sold-out 300 person theatre in Washington, D.C.

Abortion Support Without Politics

Aspen Baker, co-founder of the controversial post-abortion support service Exhale, talks about her "pro-voice" philosophy, why her group refuses to label itself pro-choice or pro-life, and how it deals with race in the reproductive health movement.

Miriam Zoila Pérez: 'What Happens Next is More Important Than Marriage'

Colorlines gender columnist Miriam Zoila Pérez sorts through some sticky questions about what same-sex marriage really means to her—and what it could mean for the entire LGBTQ movement.

Doc About Black Lesbians Jailed for Self-Defense Hits TV Screens

'Out in the Night' tells the story of "The New Jersey Four," a group of young black lesbians who received severe prison sentences after defending themselves from a man's homophobic attack.