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Gender Columnist
Miriam Zoila Pérez is a Cuban-American writer covering issues of race, health and gender. She is the founder of RadicalDoula.com, and was an Editor at Feministing.com for four years, during which time the site was awarded the Sidney J Hillman Prize for Blog Journalism. Her writing has appeared in The Nation, Taking Points Memo, The American Prospect, MORE Magazine, Rewire and a number of anthologies, including "Yes Means Yes," "Click" and "Persistence." Pérez is the author of "The Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full-Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support" and the co-host of the Latinx music podcast Radio Menea.

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Memphis Planned Parenthood Clinic Focusing on Latinx Outreach Opens Next Door to an ICE Office

The organization was aware of ICE's location when they purchased the building, but were under the impression that ICE would be moving.

A wall decorated with colorful cut paper, resembling a landscape painting. Trees and other greenery in the foreground made of cardboard and paper.

This Latinx Installation Artist is Making Piñatas That Say Something About Race, Culture and Queerness

Las Vegas-based artist Justin Favela is making waves with his sculptures and installations that transform the cut paper used to decorate piñatas into works of art.

READ: What It's Like When You Want an Abortion But Can't Afford It

A new Fusion piece tells the side by side stories of two women who didn't want to be pregnant. But only one of them could afford to pay for the procedure.

In a New Memoir, Dr. Willie Parker Pushes for a 'New Theology of Abortion'

In "Life's Work," abortion provider, activist and Christian Willie Parker takes a bold stance on the moral imperative for safe and legal abortion.

ICYMI: Federal Appeals Court Finds That the Civil Rights Law Prohibiting Sex Discrimination Also Covers Sexual Orientation

The most recent version of the 1964 Civil Rights Act explicitly prohibits work discrimination against a person because they are a woman or man. Earlier this week, a federal appeals court found that bias against lesbian and gay workers also applies. 

An ornate sanctuary at Riverside Church in New York City

Progressive Religious Leaders Say They're Seeing a Post-Trump Bump in Spiritual Engagement

Special services, multi-faith conference calls and events such as tomorrow's Black Lives Matter-sponsored #SacredResistance day of action points to a newfound willingness of political progressives to use their faith as a tool for resistance.

Senate Republicans Roll Back a Rule That Kept the Government From Denying Certain Healthcare Providers Family Planning Dollars

In a narrow vote yesterday, in which Vice President Pence had to come break the tie, the Senate reversed an Obama-era rule preventing states from denying federal family planning money to providers like Planned Parenthood.

Jazielle, with blue lipstick behind a fence

REPORT: Women Who Are of Color, Trans and HIV-Positive Must Fight Overlapping Oppressions

Research by the Transgender Law Center highlights the major economic, social and health challenges facing trans women of color living with HIV.

Gold, black and white logo featuring images of a safety pin, gift box and a fist

A New Subscription Service Aims to Give White Allies a Way to Do More Than Rocking Safety Pins

Created by two Black women activists, The Safety Pin Box is a monthly service for White allies meant to replace the symbolic gesture of wearing a safety pin with tasks and financial contributions to Black women.

An Interfaith Group of Clergy is 'Blessing' New and Existing Abortion Clinics

"We were claiming the sacredness of the space and the decisions that women and families make," says Katey Zeh of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, the group that co-produced the first blessing ceremony with Planned Parenthood Metro-Washington. 

A group of people with signs stand on the national mall

At the Women's March on Washington I Realized That My People Are My Lighthouse

I've been paralyzed by fear since Donald Trump was elected president. Here's how an over-capacity, hectic march with half a million people in Washington, D.C., this weekend made things a little bit better. 

Text on screen reads, "These LGBTQ Latinx Talk Trump"

WATCH: Latinx People Respond to Trump's First Day

Latinxs, many of whom feel particularly vulnerable under the new political regime, share their feelings about the incoming Trump Administration.

16 Women of Color Who Made History in 2016

Amidst a year of challenging news and political events, these 16 women of color kept it moving and made history in the arenas of culture, media, sports and politics.

Healers of Color on Why Self-Care is Not Self-Indulgence

Self-care experts from a variety of practices and faiths explain how to put Audre Lorde's self-care theory into practice.

'While There is Despair, I Am Not Hopeless'

An interview with writer and activist adrienne maree brown about self care, action and how the late, great Octavia Butler predicted this political moment.

Trans Folks: Everything You Need to Know About Updating Your IDs Before Trump Takes Office

The bottom line: Don't panic. But if you're ready to update your ID documents, do it now.

A photo illustration of a pink condom and stick-style pregnancy text

WATCH: The NYC Health Department Just Released This Movement-Approved Video About Sexual and Reproductive Justice

The surprisingly elegant video comes out of a year of collaboration between the health department and members of 50 community-based organizations.

A text screen reads in orange and black: "From 329 videos, 89,233,760 views, 601,300 shares, 554,143 likes"

REPORT: Hundreds of Videos Showing Transphobic Violence Are Uploaded and Circulated as Entertainment

WITNESS Media Lab analyzed over 300 eyewitness videos of violence against transgender people, many of color, and found that many of them have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and hateful comments.

Today Marks 40 Years of Hyde Amendment Hell

The Hyde Amendment, the deliberately anti-choice law that prohibits government-funded health insurance such as Medicaid from covering most abortions, turns 40 today. 

Photo of Dr. Williams against a stone wall with writing

Meet the Man Who Proved That Discrimination Can Make You Physically Sick

Dr. David Williams pioneered three ways to prove the links between discrimination and poor health.