Waleed Shahid

Donald Trump and the Disaffected, White, Working Class Voter

Through blatant racism and Islamophbia, Donald Trump has captured a mass of White, Midwestern, working class people who haven’t felt represented by either of the major parties and share some of the same views. How will his us-against-them strategy impact a country that is as divided as it was before the Civil War?

Black Lives Matter—Minneapolis to Alleged White Supremacist Shooters : 'We Will Not be Intimidated'

Protests about the Minneapolis police killing of unarmed Black 24-year-old Jamar Clark will continue despite last night’s non-fatal shootings of Black Lives Matter activists by alleged White supremacists.

Syrian Refugees and America's Long History of Selective Immigration Policy [OP-ED]

If the Senate votes yes to the American SAFE Act that Congress passed last week, it will be much more difficult for Syrian civil war refugees to come into the United States. It’s just the latest in American immigration policy shaped by xenophobia and racism. 

Neither Hillary Nor Bernie Won the Democratic Presidential Debate. We Did.

From the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter, our modern social movements for racial, economic and climate justice are shaping American presidential politics in previously unheard-of ways.  

Introducing a New Digital Political Platform for Muslims by Muslims

What would happen if Muslim-Americans created an online platform like Color of Change or Presente.org? Organizers including Palestinian-American New Yorker Linda Sarsour will find out when they launch MPOWER Change, a political platform of Muslims issues and organizing.

The Interrupters

In a little over a week, Black Lives Matter members have interrupted three presidential campaign rallies, most notably one of Bernie Sanders’ in Seattle. Here’s what BLM leaders and collaborators have to say on the matter. 

'Did the Torture Work?' is the Wrong Question

Constantly framing the report about the CIA’s torture of alleged Islamic terrorist in terms of “success” invites us to minimize the specific, grisly experiences of the detainees.

Does Bill Maher Think I Might Kill Him?

Writer Waleed Shahid, a Muslim who was 10 on September 11, 2001, says fearmongering by broadcasters such as Bill Maher creates a dangerous climate for Muslim Americans.