Rod McCullom

Eddie Long and the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Pall Over the Black Church

Many in the black LGBT community hoped Long’s sexual-abuse controversy would prompt a much-needed real conversation about sexuality in the church. It didn’t.

AIDS Researchers Eye Flurry of Promising Vaccine Developments

Recent weeks have witnessed a series of striking advancements in developing a vaccine for the 30-year-old epidemic that’s ravaging black neighborhoods.

Equal Access to HIV Treatment Could Finally Slow the Black Epidemic

A new study finally proves “treatment as prevention” remarkably slows HIV’s spread. But huge numbers of black people living with HIV don’t know they are positive and aren’t in treatment.

Haiti's Remarkable HIV Turnaround May Be Undone by Earthquake

Global health watchers worry the island’s epidemic is exploding anew as the recovery drags on.