Riley Wilson

VIDEO: Do Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus Feel Safer Since the FBI Started Tracking Hate Crimes Against Them?

The FBI finally started tracking hate crimes against Muslims and people perceived to be Muslim last March. One year in, do these groups feel any safer?

8 Reasons Why I Believe LGBTQ People of Color Can Fly

LGBTQ people of color have been flying for decades. Cheers to those who have paved the ways for us to live freely. 

A Colorlines Recap of Afropunk 2015

Colorlines community editor Riley Wilson and culture reporter Sameer Rao joined the thousands of photographers, style mavens, music fanatics, artists, activists, muses, students and other assorted folks at Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival this past weekend. A (slightly snarky) recap of the music extravaganza that dominated your timelines. 

Top 5 Quotes From the Nina Simone Netflix Doc That Got Me Together

Miss Simone was African royalty and like royalty, she regularly dropped gems on us. 

Langston Hughes Warned Us About Trolls Like Don Lemon

In “The Fun of Being Black,” Hughes lampoons the absurd accusation that black people are race-baiters who enjoy “contemporary white-Negro batttles.” But based on his latest antics, Lemons actually embodies the kind of person Hughes was writing about. 

I’m Not A South Carolinian; I’m the Rebirth of the Black Radical

My generation is finding community in our shared disenfranchisement

FBI Responds to Colorlines Twitterchat

Colorlines held a Twitterchat last week about the FBI’s new policy of tracking hate crimes against Arab-Americans, Hindus and Sikhs. Here’s a Storify plus some answers from the FBI.