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[PHOTOS] Facing Race 2016

A photo essay featuring some of the conference’s special moments.

MSNBC: Kai Wright Discusses Renisha McBride and Michael Brown

Kai Wright, Editor-at-Large at Colorlines, appeared on the Melissa Harris Perry show to discuss the gender crimilization differences between Renisha McBride and Michael Brown.

Hey Grey Lady, 'Get With the Times' on the I-Word [VIDEO]

Catch up already, paper of record, you’re looking out of touch.

Colorlines on MSNBC Talking Romney '47 Percent' and Voter Suppression Economic Contributor appeared on MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry Show to Discuss Romney ‘47 Percent’ Remarks and Voter Suppression

Brentin Mock Talks Voter Suppression on MSNBC's 'PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton' Investigative Reporter Brentin Mock appeared on MSNBC Al Sharpton to Discuss True the Vote’s Voter Growing “Poll Watcher” Network

LatinoUSA: Seth Wessler on SB1070 Supreme Court Decision’s Seth Freed Wessler produced a segment on the SB 1070 decision for NPR’s LatinoUSA.

MSNBC: Rinku Sen on Immigrants and the Economy publisher Rinku Sen talked about relief for DREAMers on the Melissa Harris Perry show over the weekend.

RELEASE: New Study Offers Insights about Young Progressives' Views on Activism and Race

May 24, 2012 (New York, NY) – Through a series of focus groups in key

cities with Occupy participants and other activists aged 18-30, the

Seth Wessler Acceptance Speech: 2012 Hillman Prize for Web Journalism [VIDEO]

Colorlines reporter Seth Freed Wessler was awarded the prestigious Hillman Prize for his work on Shattered Families investigation, which found at least 5,000 U.S. citizen children are in the foster care system today due to the detainment or deportation of their undocumented immigrant parents by the U.S. government.

Seth Wessler Talks Deportation and Shattered Families [VIDEO]

“The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann” invited reporter Seth Freed Wessler to discuss the Shattered Families report: “Children are being ripped from the arms of their parents at an alarming rate today in America. 5,000 American children are in foster care today because their parents have been deported. So is this really what Americans want when they call for greater enforcement of our borders? Or has something gone terribly wrong with immigration enforcement?”

Tea Party Confab Plans Voter Intimidation at the Polls [Audio]

voting_rights_thumb_42512.pngA Tea Party group who gained notoriety in recent elections for harassing and intimidating Houston voters has spun off into an organization called “True the Vote.” It plans to swarm polling stations nationwide on election day, with claims to be working to “protect minorities” from voter fraud.

Univision News Interview: Jorge Rivas on Latinos and Social Media at SXSW blogger Jorge Rivas talks Latinos and social media in interview with Univision News at the First Official SXSW Latino event.

Colorlines and Campus Progress Announce Keynote Contest Winners

Three young people will travel to Campus Progress’ national conference this summer and to give the keynote address, describing their own racial justice activism.

Colorlines Celebrates Successful Year; Announces New Bloggers

NEW YORK, March 1, 2011– is thrilled to celebrate a remarkable year and plans for growth. Since launching as a daily news and analysis site in mid-2010, the site has grown exponentially, expanding audience by ten-fold, building vibrant community in social media and playing an active role in mass media discussions. All of this allows to achieve its core mission: introducing a mass audience to new ideas and solutions for bringing about racial justice.