Raven Rakia

John Legend Wears 'Don't Shoot' T-Shirt At Hollywood Bowl

‘Hands up! Don’t shoot’ has been a rallying call in Ferguson for the past week and a half.

Organizers Say St. Louis Police Harassing Church's School Used As A 'Safe Haven'

They say police have visited the church three times and promised that they’d be back

Eyewitness Video of Kajieme Powell Shooting Contradicts Police Story

Officers showed up with their guns already drawn–which is inconsistent with the police chief’s statement

Ramarley Graham's Parents Drop Off Petition, Rally For Federal Investigation

The petition has more than 33,000 signatures

Cop In Ferguson Who Yelled "I Will F--king Kill You" Removed from Duty

ACLU of Missouri said the police officer’s conduct was ‘wholly unacceptable’

St. Louis Prosecutor Says Grand Jury Decision Could Take Until October

The grand jury will meet once a week

Another Night in Ferguson: Arrests, Pepper Spray and Gun Aimed Right to the Chest

47 people were arrested for failure to disperse on Tuesday night

Cornel West Calls Out Obama's Hypocrisy on Ferguson

‘The hypocrisy is overwhelming there. Spare me.’