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Jamilah King Talks Racism at the Oscars on MSNBC's "Ronan Farrow Daily"

Colorlines Senior Editor Jamilah King appeared on new MSNBC show “Ronan Farrow Daily” to discuss racism in the Oscars and Paula Deen’s comment comparing herself to Michael Sam.  On the lack of diversity of Academy voters and the systemic racism of Hollywood, King said, “people of color have always sort of been on the periphery, but we want stories that reflect our lives.” Read more on Race and Culture with Jamilah King.

Rinku Sen: Fighting 'Stand Your Ground' Law Is The Anti-Lynching Movement Of Our Time

Colorlines publisher and executive director of Race Forward, Rinku Sen, was a guest on the Melissa Harris-Perry show to discuss the dimensions of the Michael Dunn case on Sunday. “What Michael Dunn expected from that interaction was not respect but submission,” she said quoting Tonyaa Weathersbee.

Race Forward Managing Director Shares Her "Dreams for NYC" in MLK Inspired Panel

Melinda Weekes-Laidlow, managing director of Race Forward, spoke about Dr. King’s legacy and how it applies to the specific struggles faced in New York City.  Commenting from her work as a minister and her own activism, she quotes the civil rights legend, saying, “Any religion that professes to be concerned with the souls of men and is not concerned with the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them, and the social conditions that cripple them is a dry-as-dust religion.”

Kai Wright on The Brian Lehrer Show Discusses Unemployment for the Formerly Incarcerated

Colorlines’ editorial director Kai Wright talks about his latest article on the expansion of illegal background checks with Brian Lehrer. 

Jay Smooth Talks Homophobia in Hip Hop on Totally Biased

ARC’s Video and Multimedia Producer, Jay Smooth drops some “kuh-nowledge” on Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, with reflections on what constitutes real manhood, homophobia in Hip Hop and  a bit of Kanye West defending. 

Rinku Sen on the Challenges of Racial Justice in the South on KERA Radio, Dallas TX

With one year to go before Facing Race 2014 in Dallas Texas, Rinku Sen discusses how the southern city fits into the nationwide discussion on race and how the city can move forward on the goal of racial justice and racial equity. 

Rinku Sen Discusses the State of the Civil Rights Movement on PIX Morning News

After the dust settled on the “March on Washington,” Rinku Sen discusses how far the country’s come since the “I Have a Dream” speech, identifies new leaders in the fight for racial justice and suggests new ways to change the discussion on race and racism. 

MSNBC: Rinku Sen Talks Racism in the Government Shutdown and Images of Black Women

With no end in sight to the government shutdown, Rinku Sen joins a panel on the Melissa Harris Perry Show to discuss the racist roots of obstructional tactics in the US government.

Imara Jones On Democracy Now! To Discuss The Shutdown

Imara Joneseconomic justice contributor for Colorlines, puts the government shutdown in perspective by highlighting the poor and the people of color who are most affected by the antics on Capitol Hill. 


Urban Foodies Look to Their Past and Find Recipes for Healthy Futures

Food revolutionaries in immigrant neighborhoods want to reclaim the healthy foods of their ancestors. They just have to find the ingredients.