Nia King

New Media & Communications Intern
Oakland, CA

Nia King is a multimedia producer with a passion for social justice. Before joining Colorlines, she worked as a grassroots fundraiser, researcher, and social media marketing specialist for various racial justice and LGBTQ nonprofits. Her writing about race, gender, and sexuality has been published in the journal Women and Performance, and the book Zines in Third Space. She has presented her undergraduate thesis, “Mangos with Chili: Life-Sustaining Performance Art for and by Queer and Transgender People of Color,” at Stanford University, UC Riverside, and the University of Arizona. Her first short film, "The Craigslist Chronicles," has screened at the National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Women of Color Film Festival, York University, University of Toronto, and NYU. Her comics have been published by Colorlines and QWOC Media Wire. She also produces a podcast where she interviews emerging queer and transgender artists of color. She is curren

Follow Nia at @artactivistnia.

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