Leticia Miranda

Leticia is a writer based in California. She's covered immigration, prison reform and juvenile justice for Colorlines Magazine and produced a woman of color-centered radio program at KZSC in Santa Cruz. Her work has been reprinted by Racialicious, truthout and Race-Talk. These days you can find her working as the strategic communications coordinator for the Media Literacy Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars

For years, states have worked with private phone companies to charge high rates on phone calls to and from prisons. Now activists are trying to force the FCC’s hand to do something about it.

Fighting for Their Lives

The Supreme Court considers whether it’s cruel and unusual punishment to lock up teenagers for life without parole.

Could Facebook Save<br> His Life?

Efrén Paredes Jr. has been serving a life sentence without parole since he was a teenager. Now, he and his community take his case online.

Puerto Rican Born Residents Required to Get New Birth Certificates

puerto-rico-certificates.jpgAfter July 1, all Puerto Rican-born citizens will be required to have a new birth certificate.

Why? Because the State Department of Puerto Rico announced there is an identity fraud crisis that compromises national security.

Study: Katrina Evacuees Didn't Increase Crime

Blog_Katrina_Evacuation.jpgJust as Katrina evacuees started to leave their home to start new outside of New Orleans, police deparments in neighboring “host” cities – San Antonio, Phoenix and Houston – accused survivors of bringing crime into their communities.

When They All Just Happen to Be Arab, South Asian and/or Muslim

What San Francisco Chinatown Tourists Won't See

Bayview-Hunter's Point Communities Fight "Revitalization"

Chronicle Graphic Hunters-Candlestick Plan.jpg Local Bayview and Hunter’s Point residents are trying to fight off Lennar Corporation, a luxury homebuilding enterprise, from building new posh condos and apartments that would displace hundreds of mostly poor and low-income

Meet the Natives and the Racists Behind the Show


The Travel Channel has recently premiered a new series called “Meet The Natives: USA” and yes, the actual show is just as messed up as its title suggests in so many ways that one blog can’t say it all.

Where Pollution Goes Health Problems Follow

20091205__ecct1207he2~3_GALLERY.JPGThis recent story in the Contra Costa Times, aptly titled “In East Bay, Where Pollution Goes, Health Problems Follow,” couldn’t be any more relevant.

La Americana: One Continent. Two Countries. A World Apart.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for LaAmericanaATAFront.jpg Maria del Carmen Rojas is an undocumented Bolivian immigrant who was forced to leave her home for New York City after a devastating bus accident left her daughter, Carla, paralyzed from the waist down.

Asian American Women Battle Depression

A new study links mental health to time spent in the U.S.

IRS Auctions Off Crow Creek Sioux Land for $2.5 Million

61507SD2.jpg Roughly 550 years later, Native peoples are still fighting to keep their own land because of broken treaties and erroneous information.

Congressional Black Caucus Protests Obama's Recovery Plan


It seems Obama’s relief and recovery plan isn’t fooling everyone in Washington.

Oscar Grant Update: Mehserle's Trial Moved to Los Angeles

johannes-mehserle.jpgAn LA Superior court judge will be hearing the case of Johannes Mehserle, who is facing murder charges for shooting and killing Oscar Grant this new year’s eve at a BART station in Oakland, CA.

The Oakland Tribune reports:

Palin's Rogue Fail

going_rogue_american_life.jpgI have to admit that I like to find small typos, spacing mistakes or the occasional ink blot in books that I buy. It’s one of those small things in life that I love to savor. Perhaps because it helps me to demystify the whole book publishing process.

Lou Dobbs Considers Running for President

dobbs_monster_397x224.jpgDobbs might be off CNN, but his recent kick in the ol’ culito from our friends at presente.org hasn’t kept him out of politics.

PG&E Shuts Off Soaring Number of Poor's Electricity

pge.jpgPG&E has been having a heyday shutting off the energy supply of 75 percent more low-income households since last year.

Groups Call for Investigation into FBI Shooting of Michigan Imam

Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah.jpg As the media swallowed up stories about Fort Hood and obsessed over how it was yet another example of “violent” Islam, the FBI’s recent killing of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah has conveniently stayed at the margins of national debates.

Immigrant Widow to Feds: Oh No, You Get Back Here

lawsuit_250x251.jpgThis is a great story to end the week.

Lin Li Qu, the widow of an undocumented Chinese immigrant, is refusing to let the US government dodge responsibility for the cruel conditions that her husband faced at a Rhode Island immigrant detention prison that led to his early death.