Kat Lazo

The Reason Why I Fight

Seven low-wage workers tell video storyteller Kat Lazo why they made the time and braved the chilly New York City rain to join the Fight for $15’s mammoth national day of action. 

Community Editor Riley Wilson Discusses Racism Within the Charleston Church Shooting

Colorlines Community Editor Riley Wilson joins the ”FreshOutlook” show to discuss how cultural and systemic racism led Dylann Roof  to fatally shoot nine black churchgoers

MSNBC: Rinku Sen Discusses Wall Street Corruption Adding To Racial Wealth Gap

Sen, Colorlines’ publisher and Race Forward’s executive director, joins the Melissa Harris-Perry panel to discuss how Wall Street corruption adds to the racial wealth gap. 

MSNBC: Aura Bogado Discusses Changing Demographics of US

Colorlines News Editor Aura Bogado appeared on MSNBC’s Changing America, hosted by Maria Teresa Kumar, to discuss changing demographics in the United States. Aura is joined by Roque Planas, Huffington Post reporter.

MSNBC: Tara Conley Talks Baltimore Uprising

Race Forward, publisher of Colorlines, appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss social media and mainstream media coverage of the national protest movement against police violence.

HuffPost Live: Tara Conley Discusses Freddie Gray Protests

Social Media Manger at Race Forward (publisher of Colorlines) soundsoff on the Baltimore protests on HuffPost Live’s Political Junkies.


ESSENCE: Akiba Solomon on Baltimore and Parenting

Colorlines Editorial Director Akiba Solomon sits down with ESSENCE to discuss raising children in the midst of Baltimore uprising.

HUFFPOST LIVE: Akiba Solomon Speaks On Baltimore Media Coverage

Colorlines Editorial Director Akiba Solomon talks to HuffPost Live about the mainstream media coverage of Baltimore protests