Juell Stewart

juellshot.jpgJuell is a contributor to ColorLines, and a former Research Fellow at ARC. A Brooklyn resident by way of Chicago, she's most interested in addressing structural racism by exploring channels for community organizations and grassroots groups to affect social policy at the local and national level. She writes about food justice, urban policy and pop culture. She gets journalistic inspiration from everything around her-- from the stories she heard during her time as a labor organizer to her love of the communities that raised her, and even biking across the Pulaski Bridge.

Youth Say Race Still Matters--So What Are They Doing About It?

Our focus groups found young people still see race shaping U.S. society. Here are five campaigns working with them to tackle modern racism.

Is Michelle Obama's Wal-Mart Endorsement a Healthy Idea?

If she really wants to alter the food landscape, it’s not only smart but essential, writes Juell Stewart. Change starts with giving consumers good choices.

Need Holiday Recipes? Here's What's Cooking at ColorLines

Juell Stewart rounds up some of her favorite healthy spins on traditional dishes. You got one?

The Reformers Everybody Ignored While Fussing Over the Tea Party

Juell Stewart wanders into the real grassroots of Obama-era national politics.

Study Shows How to Build LGBT, Racial Justice Movements Together

ARC’s researchers explore the ties between two crucial movements that are too often seen as in combat.

Chicago's Fight Over "La Casita" Reveals Rifts in School Reform

Students and parents are protesting a neighborhood school’s demolition.

5 Ways Neighborhoods Are Taking Control of Their Food Systems

We’re glad Michelle Obama’s got our back, but here’s what some folks are doing on their own–and what you can do too.

Cop in Chicago Torture Scandal Finally Nailed--for Perjury

Former Chicago police commander Jon Burge was found guilty Monday of obstruction of justice and perjury–after allegedly overseeing the torture of hundreds of Black men.

It's Happening Again. What Aiyana Jones' Death Tells Us

aiyanajones_familyphoto.jpgIt’s an all-too-familiar occurrence: A young person of color gets killed by the police, the community rallies around the victim’s family, and everybody wonders what can be done to prevent it from happening again. Well, it’s happening again in Detroit, where police fatally shot 7-year-old Aiyana Jones in her sleep early Sunday morning. 

White House Task Force Reports on Kiddie Obesity

obesity jpgThe White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity—a committee launched in tandem with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign—released their report to the President last week, outlining 70 ways to tackle the epidemic of obesity in a generation.

Black Tea Party Members: We Hate Welfare, Too

The Tea Party is working hard to shed their racist image, according to a piece in the Washington Post. Amidst the highly publicized racial epithets and racially-charged signage, even the leadership behind FreedomWorks and Tea Party Nation—two of the movement’s most prominent groups—recognize that racism is not a good look.

D.C. Voting Rights Go Back in the Dead Letter Bin

norton_042110.jpg The DC Voting Rights Bill that was expected to reach the House this week has been pulled from this session’s legislative calendar entirely, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told The Washington Post yesterday.

It's Ballots for Bullets in D.C. This Week

gun_041810.jpg The taxpayers of the District of Columbia might be getting closer to representation in Congress this week—but not without caving in to the gun lobby, as both the New York Times and Washington Post pointed out in weekend editorials.

NY Dems Say Let Them Eat... Fresh Fruits and Veggies

fruit_041810.jpg New York Democrats Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Nydia Velazquez are joining Michelle Obama’s campaign to get healthy food options available to the 23.5 million Americans who live in areas lacking fresh fruits and vegetables. Last week, Gillibrand and Velazaquez introduced legislation that would allocate $1 billion to build 2,100 new grocery stores nationwide in poorly served neighborhoods.

Health Care Reform's Sleeper Victory is Fast Food Calorie Counting

burger_032510.jpgThough it’s no substitute for supermarkets with fresh produce, The New York Times reports an overlooked element of Tuesday’s health care reform law: Beginning as early as next year, fast food chains with more than 20 outlets nationwide will be required by federal law to post calorie information on their menus and drive-throughs.

Michelle's Got Data on Her Side: "Food Deserts" are Vast

michelleobama-grocerystore.jpgAs Michelle Obama turns up the heat on food manufacturers, PolicyLink and The Food Trust have released a report that maps America’s “food deserts” and looks at their lasting effects in rural areas and low-income communities of 

The Black Matriarch as Villain

“Precious” is a haunting film that stays silent on how the political realities of 1980s Harlem shaped women.