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Imara Jones is the former Economic Justice contributor for and the creator of the weekly news show 'The Last Sip: News for Social Change.'" She served in the Clinton White House, where she worked on international trade policy, and was an executive at Viacom. Imara has a master's degree in economics from the London School of Economics, and holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia in political science. She's a proud resident of Brooklyn U.S.A.

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The Truth About the Housing Rebound

The housing market may be back, but it’s returning in a way that only enlarges existing inequities.

How Some Tax Preparers Feed on the Working Poor

By siphoning off hundreds of dollars in fees from some of the nation’s neediest taxpayers, the $100 billion tax preparation industry can diminish the economic lifeline that tax refunds have come to be for millions of America’s struggling families.

Good Health Is Good for the Economy

With its potential to increase wellness and decrease illness among Americans on the economic margins, the long-term effects of the Affordable Care Act could be a big deal for the economic well-being of America’s working poor.

The Economic Truth About the 'Model Minority'

Recent history underscores the fact that we can’t make smart economic decisions based on wrongheaded stereotypes.

Paul Ryan's Fatally Flawed Economics

Last week Paul Ryan said that “inner city” men don’t understand work. Here’s a look at the ideas that undergird his statement.

Keeping it Real About Our Growing Economy

Five reasons why the sunny projections probably don’t mirror your reality

Four Ways to Go Beyond "My Brother's Keeper"

The truth is that given the limited goals of My Brothers Keeper it may be too unambitious for the task required. Here are four ways to supercharge it.

Why Women Should Be First in Line for Salary Boosts

Historic gender and racial forces have clustered all women into low-wage work and have pushed women of color into the bottom of low-wage positions.

Congressional Budget Office Misses the Mark on Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage is essential to decreasing income inequality and raising the living standards of economically marginalized Americans who are disproportionately women and people of color.

The 1 Percent State of Mind

Reinforced by political access, national economic policy, and their own echo chamber of social networks and media outlets, the super-rich have an outsized influence on and negative consequences for the reality lived by everyone else.

A Colorblind State of the Union

There was a fundamental element missing from the president’s diagnosis of inequality and his prescription for it: race.

The Crisis in Black and Brown Youth Unemployment

With one out four blacks and one out of six Latinos under the age of 25 without work, a generation of youth of color risks falling behind.

Why Today's Unemployment Number Isn't So Great After All

The reason why the unemployment rate seems to be the best since 2008 is that so many Americans have given up looking for work.

The War on Poverty vs. Racism

The key barrier to embracing the War on Poverty and to building public support for a renewed poverty effort is the fact that right from the start Johnson’s program has been maligned and stereotyped beyond recognition.

The Grinches Who Stole Jobless Benefits

And may further wreck the whole economy in the process.

New U.S. Budget Proposal is Promising (Seriously!)

The two-year fiscal deal announced by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) erases sequestration until 2016, restores funding to badly needed social programs, and allows for new investments in critical areas necessary to grow the economy.

Black Unemployment Almost Double the National Average

The jobs report indicates that the economy is still figuring out how to recover.

Report: Half of U.S. Families Live on the Edge of 'Economic Chaos'

Economic insecurity has become the norm.

What's Driving This Year's Black Friday Mania?

How the government shutdown fueled worker exploitation and sales panic among retailers.

How Obamacare Is Failing Poor Folks

While media focus on what the White House is losing, we have to remember that gaffes in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act make it that much harder for poor people of color to get adequate healthcare.