Bryan Gerhart

Elon James White Loves The Wire (And Ending the War On Drugs)

If human decency isn’t enough to get people to call for an end to the War on Drugs, maybe TV ratings will do the job.

Here Are Your Top White Supremacist Presidential Hopefuls

No office is too small to promote hate in a country that needs anything but.

Witness Account of BART Police Shooting Prompts More Questions

Those who saw the shooting say that transit cops should “absolutely not” have shot and killed Charles Blair Hill.

Allan Guei Shares Love of Basketball -- With The Competition

The star athlete from Compton won $40,000 in a free throw contest, and gave it all away to his peers.

Thousands of CA Inmates Show Solidarity With Prison Hunger Strike

Over 6,000 strikers are participating so in an effort that’s reached across counties and states to call for more humane treatment in some of the country’s harshest prison units.

Plans for Bruce Lee Museum Halted

Fans are still waiting for a space dedicated completely to the iconic martial artist.

BART Officers Kill Man at San Francisco Train Station

The department must now explain as much as possible to a public already wary of the officers in the wake of Oscar Grant.

Questions Remain in Ethics Committee Probe of Maxine Waters

If there’s nothing wrong, why such hesitancy to let us know what’s going on?

Show Some Love for the 26th Amendment, and What's Still Possible

Forty years ago, the legal voting age was lowered from 21 to 18.