Brentin Mock

Political Correspondent
Washington, D.C.

Brentin Mock covers national politics for Colorlines. He previously served as lead reporter for Voting Rights Watch 2012, covering the challenges presented by new voter ID laws, suppression of voter registration drives, and other attempts to limit electoral power of people of color.

Brentin is also a contributor for Demos’ blog PolicyShop, where he covers voting rights and civil rights; and also a blogger for, where he writes about environmental justice. You can read some of his other work at Next American City, Facing South, The Root, In These Times, American Prospect and The Washington Post.

Follow Brentin on Twitter at @brentinmock.

Senate Blocks Obama's Pick for New Civil Rights Chief

Former NAACP LDF attorney Debo Adegbile is blocked on racial grounds.

Obama Favors Expanding Schools and Reducing Prisons in New Budget

The budget includes targeted funds for programs to reduce racial disparities in courts and prisons.

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'Moral March' in North Carolina Draws Thousands

The Moral March in N. Carolina this weekend touched hearts and nerves, with tens of thousands showing up for justice.

Why I'd Rather Hear Eric Holder Deliver the State of the Union Tonight

What issue has Obama been addressing inadequately that Holder has confronted more forcefully?

Florida State House Candidate Wants Obama Lynched

His campaign strategy is to win voters by calling for Obama’s death.

Florida's Upcoming Race-Tested Special Election

The March 11 Florida race for an empty congressional seat will be a sign of the political and racial temperatures in the state.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Ruled 'Unnecessarily' Burdensome, Unconstitutional

Judge blocks voter ID law, but not on grounds that it is racially discriminatory, oddly.

The Voting Rights Act Fix is In

Civil rights group are giving the bill some side-eye for failing to recognize voter ID laws.

Why Are Conservatives Hating On Obama's Navigators?

Obamacare includes a program that employs people to help connect hard-to-reach, uninsured citizens to healthcare resources. What’s wrong with that?

New Obamacare Enrollee Gender and Age Numbers Released

We now have the age and gender demographics on Obamacare. Still, nothing on race.

Where is the Racial Data on Obamacare Enrollees?

Is anyone tracking how many people of color signed up for Obamacare?

Debo Adegbile Faces Senate For Justice Department Civil Rights Post

Civil rights attorney Debo Adegbile goes up against Senate conservatives today who may grill him about representing Mumia Abu Jamal

State Legislators to Watch in 2014

A magazine publishes a list of state legislators to watch and it actually looks like America.

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Congressional Black Caucus sends shout out to the Pope.