Bob Wing

White Power in Election 2000

Web Exclusive-ColorLines editor Bob Wing argues that fighting electoral racism should be at the top of the racial justice agenda.

Zero Tolerance: An Interview with Jesse Jackson on Race and School Discipline

When seven black high school students in a small town in Illinois were expelled, the Reverend Jesse Jackson saw something else going on. Bob Wing and Terry Keleher talk to him about the subtext of Decatur.

What We Need To Do About the 'Burbs

Race intellectual john powell believes attacking suburban sprawl is crucial anti-racist work. ColorLines’ Executive Editor Bob Wing asks him why.

"Educate to Liberate!": Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies

Now that multiculturalism is in vogue, should Ethnic Studies declare victory? ColorLines editor Bob Wing looks at the struggles that have shaped thirty years of Ethnic Studies.