DOJ Declines to Charge George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin Case

The news come almost exactly three years after Martin’s death.

Artists Create Portraits of Justice After Dunn and Zimmerman Verdicts

In the face of unjust rulings, artists step in to fill the void left by the courts.

Watch Zimmerman's Girlfriend Detail His Violent Abuse

“I feel like he always gets off,” says Samantha Scheibe.

Update: George Zimmerman Released Without Charges

Shellie Zimmerman retracted statements made yesterday on a call to 911, saying she never saw a gun, and will not press charges.

George Zimmerman is All Smiles and Shopping for Guns

In Florida, of course.

Lone Juror of Color: Zimmerman 'Got Away With Murder'

Here we go.

Watching Zimmerman's Trial Might Break Your Heart

15-year-old Chad Johnson testified that he remembers asking Trayvon Martin for Skittles, and never saw him again.

Meet Zimmerman Murder Trial Juror B-37 (AKA, The Parrot Lady)

One of the Zimmerman jurors was too busy taking care of her exotic animals to pay attention to the death of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman Pretrial Reaches Benchmark, Moves to New Phase

Attorneys in George Zimmerman’s trial find forty jurors whose opinions about Trayvon Martin’s death have not been tainted by the media.

George Zimmerman Skips 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing

Now the stage is almost set for him to be tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin.