youth violence

It's Not Just Chicago: 100 Youth Homicides in Miami Since 2009

Eighty-one of them were the result of gun-related incidents.

Why Do Black and Latino Youth Struggle in School? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers suggest solutions to gun violence and overly punitive measures for school children.

Dispatch from Chicago: Stop the Violence...But How?

As the city becomes the face of urban gun violence, those working directly with the youth being killed struggle for satisfying answers.

California Teens Respond to Newtown Tragedy in New Video

Inspired by the “Demand a Plan” video that features more than a dozen of Hollywood luminaries, California youth have come together to demand a “real plan” to keep schools and communities safe.

In the 60-second video, 33 California young people say more guns are not the answer to keeping schools safe. The teens in the video call for a “real plan” to end violence that goes beyond gun control and does not turn schools into fortresses.

A 'Love Balm' for Mothers Who've Watched Too Many Sons Die

A Bay Area theater project featuring the testimony of Oscar Grant’s grandmother seeks to make emotional sense of incomprehensible violence.