Oakland's Answer to Hipster Fixies: Scraper Bikes

Take a look at some more homegrown Oakland culture.

States Offer Varying Protection for Youth to Put Juvenile Records Behind Them

An expunged record is elusive, but key, for many young people looking to put their pasts behind them.

Dispatch From Chicago: War Abroad Touches Palestinian-American Youth

What does it mean to be young and Palestinian and American in this moment in history?

Kanye West, Common Team Up With Chicago Urban League to Create Youth Jobs

It’s an initiative that they say will create 20,000 jobs for young people in the city.

LAUSD's Anti-Truancy Ticketing Down, But Racial Disparities Up

The significant improvements have come with troubling new developments.

Youth Bridge Digital Storytelling and Slam Poetry in Off-Page Project

The newly launched project activates youth to tell stories that often go unheard using spoken word and digital media.

A Plan to Serve Homeless Youth in a State With the Largest Need

California accounts for 30 percent of the nation’s homelessness each year. A new effort is underway to address the youth in that group by not lumping them all together.

How Can We Help Kids Define What Is and Isn't Healthy Sexuality?

In an age of free porn, rape-promoting video games and stupid advice videos from grown men, childhood sexual exploration is trickier than ever. There are no easy answers. Herewith, a few starting points.

5-Year-Old Stand-Up Comedian's Jokes About 'Growing up Black' Go Viral

Zay Zay is only 5-years old and he’s got a video of him being cute and then not so cute that’s making the rounds on the interwebs.

Milwaukee Journalist Eugene Kane: Black Youth Are 2011 Boogeyman

A columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the city’s black youth are “out of control.”

All Families Can Love Their LGBT Kids--Really, There's Data to Prove It

A unique research project followed LGBT youth from teens to adulthood to document how families from specific racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds dealt with their coming out–and to develop targeted tools to help other families.

After the Riots, "Broken" Britain Grows Still More Fractured

Lost amid all the racialized, anti-youth invective is the story of youth on the margins, whose voices go ignored until they explode in collective rebellion. Michelle Chen explores what happens next for London’s fractured neighborhoods.

White, Rich Gay Couples More Acceptable than Single Moms

A strange little MSNBC story shows how race and class blindness can complicate good news about changing attitudes.

After Cleveland, Texas: Eight Ways Black Men Can Fight Rape

Anti-rape activist Dr. R’Leureux Lewis gives black men simple (and not-so-simple) ways to interrupt rape culture–and break down the negative stereotypes that help fuel it.

The Gang Rape of a Latina 6th Grader, and a Horrific Community Response

Eighteen black boys and men are accused of gang-raping an 11-year-old Latina in this small East Texas town. What now?

Activists Still Push to Close California's Youth Prisons

Gov. Jerry Brown has a revised plan to reform the state’s youth prisons. But will it go anywhere?

Meet 25 of America's Future Black Leaders

Check out The Root’s list of young futurists.

Pint-Sized Rap Stars Hit the World Stage

But are these YouTube sensations a good idea?

Oakland Turf Dancing Gets More National Exposure

In just a matter of months, a video’s gone from viral sensation to national call for action.

"Dear First Lady Michelle" -- Young Students Write to the Obamas

Kids ask about everything from divorce to immigration policy.