Xenia Rubinos

Brown woman in orange jacket and brown classes in front of red car and grey boombox with graffiti

Beauty Break: Xenia Rubinos Dances Through NYC in Black Joy Project-Inspired 'L.O.V.E.' Video

Rubinos: “This is my ode to Brown and Black joy.”

Beyonce in black outfit next to Kendrick Lamar in gray-green jacket

Rise Up and Cool Out With the Best Liberation Jams of the Moment

From Bey to ‘Ye, famous to underground, these uplifting and message-driven bangers from the first half of 2016 perfectly score any midsummer gathering.

'Breaking' Presents: Xenia Rubinos, a Powerhose Singer/Songwriter Unafraid to Learn Out Loud

On her funky second album, “Black Terry Cat,” the genre-bender explores identity, police violence and the hidden labor of Latino/a restaurant workers.

LISTEN to Xenia Rubinos' Frenetic New Song 'Black Stars'

The Afro-Latina singer-songwriter sought inspiration from Mike Brown and her father’s ill health for “Black Stars.”