Snapchat Harshes Users' Buzz With Bob Marley 420 Filter

Critics say the filter renders users in Blackface. What do you think? 

This Houston Man Says He Was Arrested for an Unpaid Student Loan

Seriously, this is happening to people. 

This Guy Will Portray Michael Jackson on British TV

Remember Joseph Fiennes? He once played Shakespeare. Shakespeare, people.

Twitter Loses it When Oregon Militia Leader Supposedly Compares Himself to Rosa Parks

MSNBC reporter says it’s not Bundy’s account.

Ben Carson, Avowed Rap-Hater, Releases Rap Song

The campaign says the new ad is an “expressed articulation to another market, a non-traditional voting market for Republicans.”

Here's What Colorlines Readers Said About This Tone-Deaf 'Ellen' Sketch

After Ellen DeGeneres aired a parody sketch about Nicki Minaj’s upcoming semi-biographical television show, featuring a young black girl with an exaggerated butt, we asked Colorlines readers on social media what they thought. Here are the results. 

Tennessee-Based Ad Firm Tries to Make 'Blue Lives Matter' A Thing

Tactical Magic put up their first billboard capitalizing on “Black Lives Matter” in Memphis. Now, the billboards have spread around the country. 

Hillary Clinton Nae Nae Stunt Backfires, Sets Black Twitter Aflame

Clinton’s trying to appeal to black voters, but her stunt on “Ellen” made her the target of ire from all over social media. 

Serena and Venus Williams Play Epic Match, Yet Forbes Focuses on Sharapova

Forbes was widely criticized for a tweet last night of an older piece focusing on Maria Sharapova during the Williams sisters’ historic US Open match-up. 

Kanye West Exposes Innate Stupidity of Award Shows with VMAs Speech

I still dont understand award shows! Neither do we, Ye, neither do we. 


Presidential Candidate 'Deez Nuts' Revealed To Be an Iowa Teenager

Unfortunately for many, this Deez Nuts is not eligible to become president.

Florida Gun Shop Auctioning George Zimmerman Confederate Painting

The store, which also proudly brands itself as “Muslim-free,” is auctioning the painting in support of Zimmerman and the store’s owner’s legal fees. 


Here are the Literal Receipts Rachel Dolezal Billed to Spokane Taxpayers

As chair of the Police Ombudsman’s Commission, Dolezal took a trip to Oakland on the city’s dime

5 WTF Rachel Dolezal Moments

From braids to lawsuits to the n-word and more 

Here's Dolezal’s Full Statement Resigning as Spokane NAACP President

Bye, Rachel 

This Series of Five Rachel Dolezal 2014 Raw Interview Videos Will Absolutely Baffle You

In a series of five videos, Dolezal explains what it’s like to be a black woman. 

LIVESTREAM: Rachel Dolezal's Parents Speak on HuffPostLive

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Read the NAACP’s Full Statement on Rachel Dolezal

The group of standing by the woman who pretends to be black

Latino BBQ Joint Owner to Host ‘White Appreciation Day’

White diners—and no others—will get a 10 percent discount on June 11

Meet Jimmy, the White Guy Who Made a Video About Why the Philippines is So Awful

Meet Jimmy Sieczka, the white guy who made a 14-minute video about why he dislikes the Philippines so much.