Workers Rights

Photos: Fast-Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities

December 5, 2013 marked the largest fast-food strikes in history, organizers say.

Fast-Food Worker Strikes Set for 100 Cities

The movement to organize low-wage workers is spreading to new parts of the country.

Over 100 Arrested in Walmart Black Friday Actions

Current and former Walmart associates protested on Black Friday, demanding better wages and treatment.

Walmart Workers Take Back Shopping Holiday with Black Friday Actions

Black Friday isn’t just about shopping anymore.

Walmart Strikes Spread to Miami Ahead of Black Friday Protests

The countdown to Black Friday is on.

Transgender Workers in the U.S. Still Face a Bleak Landscape

Only 34 states have law protecting transgender people in the workplace, and a new map and report show just how many barriers they have to equitable employment.

National Labor Relations Board: Walmart 'Unlawfully Threatened' Workers

The federal agency will pursue charges against the retail giant.

Walmart and Forever21 Truckers Strike in Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles-based truck drivers who deliver goods to Walmart, Forever21 and Costco are going on strike today.

Walmart Worker Arrested in Protest Explains Why She Took the Risk

Evelin Cruz is one of 54 Los Angeles-area workers who blocked an intersection and got arrested protesting Walmart’s poor wages and labor practices. Here’s why she took a chance with her livelihood.

Federally Contracted Workers Bring Labor Fight to Obama's Front Door

Low-wage workers are making sure the federal government doesn’t overlook the labor practices of its own contractors.

Fast Food Workers Strike In Seattle As National Trend Begins To Show Results

Fast food workers went on strike in a sixth city yesterday as other low-wage service sector workers are claiming union victories.

Milwaukee Becomes Fifth City Where Fast Food Workers Strike

Hundreds fast food and retail workers are on strike in Milwaukee. The city was once a hub for black manufacturing jobs and now faces staggering racial disparities in employment.

Detroit's Fast Food Workers Strike As National Trend Grows

Detroit became the fourth city in recent weeks where fast food restaurant workers went on strike to demand higher wages.