Women's Rights

Women stand outside, hold signts that read, "I strike for respect and dignity for all womxn."

House and Senate Dems Introduce Bill That Recognizes Reproductive Rights as Human Rights

The Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Act was announced in both houses of Congress ahead of International Womens Day.

U.S. Supreme Court and protest sign supporting abortion

Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus Renews Its Fight For Women's Reproductive Health

Representatives Barbara Lee and Judy Chu introduced legislation that aims to protect the right to choose.

A pro-choice activist  in front of the the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

READ: Why Abortion Rights For Black Women Are a Blow to White Supremacy

Reproductive rights activist Yamani Hernandez: Black liberation is not measured in numbers of Black births; it is measured by thriving, autonomous Black lives.

Protesters hold signs. Two blue and white signs say, "Keep abortion legal." One black and white sign says, "Abortion kills a person."

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of 'Fake Women's Health Centers'

The Supreme Court just issued a blow to women’s right to obtain abortions.

Two protestors holding black signs with white font that say "i am the pro-life generation" attempt to block a blue sign with white font that says "keep abortion legal" at a rally outside the supreme court

Trump's Appointee to Run Family Planning Program is Staunchly Anti-Choice

As deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Diane Foley will oversee the Title X program, which funds reproductive care for lower-incoming earning people.

Alabama House Passes Four Strict Abortion Bills

Among the new restrictions is the ‘heartbeat ban,’ which bans abortions after six weeks.

Advocates Prepare for Next Round in New York Women's Equality Act

The act is meant to ensure equal pay provisions, standards around sexual harassment, and protections for survivors of domestic violence.

Albuquerque Residents Set to Vote on Abortion Ban

If passed, it would be the first municipal ban on abortion in the nation.

TRAP Laws Are the New Battleground for Abortion Rights

As the abortion wars wage on in Texas, ubiquitous TRAP laws seem to be spreading across the country.

'Anti-Rape Wear' Reinforces Every Rape Myth You Can Think Of

Yes, that’s right–rape-resistant underwear.

Watch What People Say to Teenage Girls on the Street

Young women in Philadelphia share their experiences with street harassment, some even being followed to school by strangers.

Pregnant Woman Fights Wisconsin Fetal Rights Laws

Alicia Beltran has filed a lawsuit against the so-called ‘cocaine mom’ law after she was detained under suspicion of drug use, even though she wasn’t using drugs at the time.

A Comic Guide to Sneaky Abortion Laws

The ACLU commissioned illustrator Jen Sorensen to create a comic detailing the past year in abortion legislation.

Do Women Have More to Lose If Immigration Reform Dies?

Non-citizen women are three to six times more likely to experience domestic violence than those born in the U.S. As immigration reform efforts stall, those women are left out in the cold.

Soledad O'Brien Tricks Opponent Of Women In Combat

US Marine Corps Captain Zoe Bedell and “Co-Ed Combat” Author Kingsley Browne debate the impact of overturning the ban on women in combat.

Leave it to a Few L.A. Drag Queens to Explain Mitt Romney and Women's Rights

Los Angeles based drag queens Willam Belli, Detox, Vicki Vox, Pandora, and Ozma explain what issues “real women” should care about and who they should vote for.

Black Gay Comedian Wanda Sykes: 'Only Way GOP Could Hate Me More' Is If I Rolled Around in Pile of Welfare Checks

Black, gay and female comedian Wanda Sykes says the only way the GOP could possibly hate her more is if she sent them a video of her “rolling around on a pile of welfare checks.”