women's rights

The Year's Top 10 Women's Movements Victories

The Global Fund for Women celebrates the extraordinary victories by women’s movements around the world.

On the Way Out, Washington Tramples on Iraqi Women

Iraqi women are left holding up half the sky in the midst of a ravaged political and economic landscape.

Wielding 'Gender Card,' Women's Groups Campaign Against 'Political Sexism'

Few would doubt that racism and sexism are handled differently in politics and the media, but how, exactly?

ACLU Confronts Denver Prison's Abusive Strip Searches

Allegations of abusive strip searches at a prison reflect the perverse power imbalance inherent in the system.

Looking Back, and Forward, on Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is a commemoration of history–the 90th anniversary of the victory of women’s suffrage–as well as a marker of the incomplete struggle for equal rights.

The 90th Anniversary of a Women's Right to Vote

The movements for women’s rights and racial justice have a long, intertwined history.

For ICE Prisons, a Blank One-Year Progress Report

Today marks one year since ICE promised to fix the detention system. So far, there’s little to celebrate.

Prison System Chains Women in Childbirth

In many places around the country, it’s still legal to keep incarcerated women shackled while they go through labor.

Pregnant Women Dying in New York

This year, maternal health advocates got the heartening news that the death rate of women in childbirth was declining worldwide, while the rate of child survival was improving ahead of earlier projections.