women of color

Despite Obamacare Advances, Racial Health Disparities for Women of Color Abound

How does your state fare?

L.A. Girls and Women of Color Demand to Be Heard Amidst My Brother's Keeper

“Our absence from racial justice initiatives matters,” said professor Kimberlé Crenshaw.

'Crack Baby' Hysteria Returns

Same myth, different drugs–and still used to criminalize mothers of color.

Can Big Labor Organize the South?

Not without majorly including black workers, immigrants and women of color.

Dangerous Sexism

Thirty five years after affirmative action, the number of women in construction remains flat. A travelling exhbition about the field’s sexism, racism–and physical danger–points to why those numbers remain so low.

Here's 15 Smart Women of Color on Twitter

Because a recent list of the 25 smartest women on Twitter is a bit monolithic.