The Wiz

Jennifer Hudson to Star in NBC's 'Hairspray Live!'

NBC’s next live musical will air this December. 

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A new video parodies the “reverse racism” backlash to NBC’s “The Wiz Live!”

People Think 'The Wiz Live!' is Racist. Twitter Says, 'Huh?'

Actual tweet: “I just learned there is a Black version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ called ‘The Wiz.’ How is this not racist?”

Stephanie Mills and Shanice Williams Sing 'Home,' Give You Life

The originator and the newbie got together and killed Mill’s signature song from “The Wiz.”

Stephanie Mills Returns Home in NBC's 'The Wiz Live!'

The powerful vocalist will perform in the classic musical once again.

'The Wiz' Makes Its Way Back to TV and Broadway

The hit musical eases on down the road to another revival.