Young and Black Voters Turn Out in Wisconsin Despite Suppression Efforts

Robo-calls, residency rules and misinformation about a voter ID law stirred confusion among young voters in particular during yesterday’s recall vote of Gov. Scott Walker. But turnout remained high–if not enough to counter Walker’s well-funded campaign.

DOJ Hovers Over Today's Wisconsin Primary to Protect Civil Rights

There is far too much confusion going on in Wisconsin today spread between new redistricting laws, the on-or-off photo voter ID laws, and the lack of diligence in making sure military members and Spanish-speaking residents are able to vote.

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin--a Sign of What's to Come in 2012?

AlterNet’s Adele Stan spots shady poll tactics from a group backed by billionaire David Koch.

Why Wisconsin GOP Is Keen on Voter IDs

Jeff Chang points out it’s because youth organizing was so key for Wisc. Dems from 2004 to 2008.

What Now? The Next Stage in the Public Sector Unions Fight

Wisconsin has killed collective bargaining, but there and in other states, the battle is still building.