William Bratton

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NYPD's Top Cop Resigns Following Massive Protest

William “Bill” Bratton implemented the NYPD’s controversial “broken windows” and CompStat policing policies.

NYPD Pledges to Track and Report Every Time Officers Use Force

Inspector General report says NYPD falls down on tracking force, deescalating situations and disciplining officers who use excessive force.

Bill 'CompStat' Bratton Is New York's Top Cop Again

Will Bill Bratton, the pioneer of ‘broken windows’ policing and CompStat, be able to repair the NYPD’s relationship with communities of color?

What's in Store for Oakland With 'Supercop' William Bratton on the Beat?

The city is struggling with violent crime and police scandal. But is Bratton’s reputation for cleaning up both things earned, or just saber-rattling and good PR.

Oakland Hires Former LAPD Chief Who Says Cities Without 'Stop-and-Frisk' Are Doomed

Bratton also served as the New York City Police Commissioner and Boston Police Commissioner.