White Supremacists

CAIR Calls for the Removal of White Supremacist Books

The civil rights organization has put Amazon, Google, AudioBooks and Barnes & Noble on blast for not pulling racist materials from their digital shelves.

image of a a building set ablaze at night time

'White Power' Graffiti Found Near Civil Rights Movement Landmark Destroyed By Fire

The Highlander Center for Research and Education, which hosted Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., says the fire was intentionally set. 

White and yellow text in front of brown background

These '23 Everyday Actions' Have Compelled Police, White Supremacists and Vigilantes to Kill Black People

Mic’s new video breaks down the benign moves that, when committed by African Americans, provoke the wrath of structural racism.

Valdosta State Students Kicked Out of On-Campus Trump Rally Tell Their Side

The students, some members of the campus’ NAACP chapter, recount how police ejected them from the February 29 rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. They say they were watching quietly, not protesting. 

FBI Charges Two White Supremacists in Plot to Attack Black Churches, Synagogues

Authorities say the two men are adherents to an “extremist version of the Asatru faith.”

How White Separatists Disable Native American Facebook Accounts

Facebook’s ‘authentic names’ policy makes sense in theory. Here are all the ways it goes haywire for users with Native names.